Founders & Furballs – Insta CEO Kevin Systrom And His Golden Girl Dolly

The perks of running Instagram include getting your first name and your dog’s as handles.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Credit: Instagram / @kevin

As of April 26, 2017, over 700 million people use Instagram each month. That’s right, millions of people log in to Instagram every day to upload photos, share stories and get an insider’s look into everything (and everyone) they love. Businesses use the platform to reach out to customers in a way they never could before. Friends use it to share memories and moments in real time. Other people start their careers on Instagram. And everyone, at least once, has used it to creep a crush.

dolly2Credit: Instagram / @dolly

Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriger created Instagram six years ago to start an open community for sharing photos. In the first 24 hours, 25 000 people joined. Since then, more and more people join and continue to use the thriving social platform every day. #Boss #Hustle #WerkIt

kevinCredit: Instagram / @kevin

Kevin and Mike have the privilege to have first choice of usernames @kevin and @mikeyk while the rest of us must use some form of punctuation or extra letter to get what we want.  Kevin’s precious pup, Dolores, even has her own handle @dolly where she shares the most adorable photos. #SoLucky #Want #Jelly

kevin2Credit: Instagram / @kevin

Dolly is almost four years old, so naturally for #ThrowBackThursday, Kevin posted a puppy photo of an itty-bitty Dolly! #TBT #PuppyLove #Awwww

Being the CEO of one of the biggest social media giants has its perks.

kevin4Credit: Instagram / @kevin

Kevin gets to work with the most hip and happening Instagram stars while build out the versatility of Instagram and improving its user experience. This is possibly the coolest job in the world. No-Hashtag-Nessessary.

kevin6Credit: Instagram / @kevin

Kevin and Mike routinely host an internal, IG Speaker Series at Instagram HQ where they interview special guests about their life, their work, and, of course, their Instagram. #Innovation #Sharing #WorkLife

kevin5Credit: Instagram / @kevin

When we did a major creep of Kevin’s feed for this story, we stumbled upon this photo of him snuggling with this little nugget. #DogsOfInsta #DogsOfInstagram #Awwww

dollyCredit: Instagram / @dolly

Now, just because Kevin is busy running one of the best companies in the world doesn’t mean that he forgets about Dolly at home. After work, they go on plenty of hikes where Dolly takes it upon herself to find the biggest stick possible! Obvious, #DogGoals here!

Kevin is more than just a millennial inspiration. He’s a family man too!

kevin3Credit: Instagram / @kevin

Smile for the Pup-a-razzi!!! Kevin married his wife @Nicole in 2015 and they have raised Dolly together. Here they are looking fabulous before a night on the town. This is definitely #RelationshipGoals. AmIright?

dolly5Credit: Instagram / @dolly

Great looks run in the family and Dolly is testament to that. On walks she is a literal pat magnet. I mean, who wouldn’t want to stop in their tracks and giving this woofie a rub?! #TheSnuggleIsReal

dolly6Credit: Instagram / @dolly

Because any day that’s not about Dolly is a day wasted – on her birthday she got a very big, doggy cake. Umm, is it normal to be jealous of a dog? #BDay #PawrtyTime #Woof

dolly3Credit: Instagram / @dolly

Naturally, after a long day of hard work, Kevin and Nicole turn into their bed where they adjust themselves around Dolly and take one last end of day Insta. #WhatALife