Priyanka Chopra’s Doggie Diana Is Better Than A Diamond

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we think it’s Diana!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
diariesofdiana5Credit: Instagram / @diariesofdiana

We might think celebrities live absolutely different lives than us. With all the lavish hotel rooms, star hangouts, photo shoots, and movie shoots, they’re practically in a different dimension. In reality, they probably are just as exhausted as we are after a long day of working. They wake up every morning looking at their busy schedules just waiting for the time where they can come back home and fall back asleep.

diariesofdianaCredit: Instagram / @diariesofdiana

Coming home has its perks because you get to come home to your precious doggies! They scratch at the door and jump you until you coddle them like a baby. How dare you even leave for just a minute?

priyankachopra3Credit: Instagram / @priyankachopra

And Priyanka Chopra, one of the new Baywatch stars, gets to come home to her precious doggy, Diana! This little nugget eagerly awaits any time spent with her mommy, but the best time spent is sleep time!

diariesofdiana3Credit: Instagram / @diariesofdiana

Whenever Priyanka comes back, Diana is right there at the airport ready to pick her up. Then, they spend the rest of the time home glued together.

Diana doesn’t just love Priyanka. She’s friendly with everyone!

diariesofdiana4Credit: Instagram / @diariesofdiana

She likes to make friends of all kinds. Walks are the best time of the day for Diana because she gets to sniff a lot of stuff and meet lots of people who give her lots of pats!

priyankachopraCredit: Instagram / @priyankachopra

Diana is perfectly content with just spending time with her beautiful mommy. As long as she can feel her heartbeat, Diana is set.

priyankachopra2Credit: Instagram / @priyankachopra

You’d do the same if your human was gone for super long periods too. You must squeeze in every cuddle minute you can!

diariesofdiana2Credit: Instagram / @diariesofdiana

Diana even obliges watching her mommy’s work over and over again. She doesn’t mind. She gets lots of treats and hugs from her mommy!

Basically, we have a serious girl crush on Priyanka and strive for this level of dog-owner love.