This Ginger Babe And His Frenchie Will Steal Your Heart

Andrew and Mango are a modelesque duo

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
andrewfoxx9Credit: Instagram / @andrewfoxx

There may not be a real Ginger Awareness Month, but you really should be aware of this ginger, Mr. Andrew Fox. Besides being ginger, he’s also left-handed and an art director and the owner of Wood Foxx Models in Germany. Wow, right? He’s special and talented all around, but what makes him attractive to us is his adorable Frenchie named Mango!

andrewfoxx2Credit: Instagram / @andrewfoxx

We’re all guilty of naming or thinking of naming our pups silly names, and this pup looks nothing like a Mango, but it fits! Andrew features her often in his feed, but not so often that it’s just a Mango feed. It’s a great balance of his many exciting happenings in his life. He travels, paints, works out, models, and eats yummy food.

andrewfoxx3Credit: Instagram / @andrewfoxx

Even though he looks too good to be real, what’s real is his love for Mango. She gets to go most places her dad goes and cherishes every moment of it. Life might bring you places, but life doesn’t stop your love for your dog!

andrewfoxx6Credit: Instagram / @andrewfoxx

He takes time from his busy schedule to take relaxing walks in the park with his Mango. Everything this man does is Instagrammable and we’re jealous.

They’ve been together since 2014 and nothing separates them!

andrewfoxxCredit: Instagram / @andrewfoxx

Circa 2014 when Mango was a tiny nugget and was barely in the frame for the photo. Andrew looks like he hasn’t aged since this photo and we’re not complaining.

andrewfoxx7Credit: Instagram / @andrewfoxx

We all know that even our dogs get tired of the constant photo taking. And our dogs have the same facial expression as Mango does. “Yes, Dad, we’re adorable, let’s walk now!”

andrewfoxx8Credit: Instagram / @andrewfoxx

Then when Mango is free to run around and climb onto things, she looks like this. See what a little freedom can do for our pups. Soon, though, she will be in a cuddle!

andrewfoxx5Credit: Instagram / @andrewfoxx

Then it’s back to the selfies and Mango is over it. “Yes, thank you, Dad, I love you too, but let’s go do something fun!” Who else has a feeling that the something fun is taking a nap in the sun? Sign us up!

Is it possible to over-love your dog? (Probably not)

andrewfoxx10Credit: Instagram / @andrewfoxx

And we were right! Mango looks perfectly comfortable and satisfied in Andrew’s arms (who wouldn’t?). When a dog is comfortable like this, then you can’t move. Ever.

andrewfoxx4Credit: Instagram / @andrewfoxx

On walks, it’s a must to take a photo with your reluctant pup when your outfit is on point and your pup matches. When some of us walk our dogs in whatever we find on our floor, we are reminded that some walk their dogs like this.

andrewfoxx11Credit: Instagram / @andrewfoxx

Even when our dogs are resting, we still can bother them by squishing their faces if they allow it! When you have a easy to wrinkle to dog, it’s fun to squish and pull gently to make them look pug-like!

andrewfoxx12Credit: Instagram / @andrewfoxx

Andrew and Mango show the perfect relationship people and their dogs can have. It’s all love, adventure, and fun!

For more photos, follow him on Instagram @andrewfoxx!