We’re In Love With Dolce and Gabbana’s Mimmo The Dog

Mimmo gives Designer Dog a whole new definition.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
mimmothedog2Credit: Instagram / @mimmothedog

The fashion world can seem intimidating to outsiders looking in. Hours and hours of design, production, and display go into someone’s brand and the prices reflect just how much work really goes into the final product. Then, once fashion brands gain ground and attention, they begin expanding. And Dolce and Gabbana have expanded their brand to a children’s collection.

mimmothedog6Credit: Instagram / @mimmothedog

Mimmo the Dog is the newest star of the children’s collection at D&G. Mimmo is Stephano Gabbana’s cream Labrador puppy. He is one of three Labradors with Totò the chocolate Labrador and Rosa the black Labrador. They also live with two kitties!

mimmothedog5Credit: Instagram / @mimmothedog

Mimmo now has his own stuffy that anyone can buy. On his Instagram page @mimmothedog, the stuffy goes on all sorts of adventures and meets a lot of people.

mimmothedog3Credit: Instagram / @mimmothedog

Mimmo the Dog doll even gets to be behind the scenes and D&G fashion shows. He gets selfies with any models he’d like!

Dogs can inspire anything out of anyone and Mimmo inspires his own design line!

mimmothedog4Credit: Instagram / @mimmothedog

The real life Mimmo has his own little yellow doggy house. It has his name on it and everything.

mimmothedogCredit: Instagram / @mimmothedog

Stuffed Mimmo has the same house for whoever’s home he goes to! We love everything about both Mimmos!

mimmothedog7Credit: Instagram / @mimmothedog

Mimmo the Stuffy doesn’t just travel and pose for Instagram photos. He models for his designs including these cute little Mimmo pjs!

mimmothedog8Credit: Instagram / @mimmothedog

He makes the best partner for matching outfits – anyone looks adorable with a tiny red hat!