Versace On The Floor, Audrey Versace Through The Doggy Door

Just kidding, Audrey doesn’t use a doggy door.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
audrey_versaceCredit: Instagram / @audrey_versace

It takes a certain kind of attitude to be a part of the fashion industry. And Audrey Versace the Jack Russell Terrier has got it down to the tee. She’s a bad b*tch who knows her place and power in the field and is not afraid to show it. We’re all about her attitude, her style, and her power. She gets to know the inside scoop on what’s happening at the very moment, what will happen, and what won’t happen. Plus, she’s been on a private jet more times than we will ever be and we applaud her.

audrey_versace2Credit: Instagram / @audrey_versace

As the glamorous Donatella Versace’s personal pup, Audrey gets all the perks of being daughter to fashion royalty. This includes beach days playing fetch with Mommy’s security.

audrey_versace3Credit: Instagram / @audrey_versace

There’s no line-up that moves forward without Audrey’s approval. Her paw is law when it comes to today’s fashion statements.

audrey_versace4Credit: Instagram / @audrey_versace

Nothing but Versace touches Audrey’s fur. Even the towel she’s wrapped in after a bath is probably Versace. Bruno Mars’ song is all about Audrey, believe it or not. (We’re lying)

audrey_versace5Credit: Instagram / @audrey_versace

The Queen Donatella herself brings Audrey everywhere she goes. While the genius is at work, Audrey is by her side for support and advice.

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