These Mutts Prove You Don’t Have To Be Purebred To Love Adventure

These furry mutts can climb any mountain and keep up like no others

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
myfurrymuttsCredit: Instagram / @myfurrymutts

Some people love a specific breed of dog so much that they don’t think twice about adopting when they’re ready for a pet. For others, their favorite kind of dog is rescue. Some people just love dogs! It doesn’t matter what they look like or how they act; as long as your pet is a dog with four legs and a tail and is a dog, you’re keeping it! At the end of the day, a dog is a dog and a human is a human. You’re all about having a companion, right?

myfurrymutts2Credit: Instagram / @myfurrymutts

This young fur family consists of two humans and two mutts. The bigger dog of the two is Thea the Queen. The littler dog is Veador. They both love their humans and adventure in the Central Coast.

myfurrymutts10Credit: Instagram / @myfurrymutts

These pups fear nothing and will jump into or onto anything. As long as they have their family by their side, they’re fearless and love enjoying new things!

myfurrymutts4Credit: Instagram / @myfurrymutts

A car ride just means a new adventure and these two will jump in without any incentive. They know the car will take them somewhere new to explore!

These fur babies just look so fun to adventure with!

myfurrymutts11Credit: Instagram / @myfurrymutts

Miss Thea doesn’t know how to keep her tongue in her mouth and it’s always #TongueOutTuesday for her. We love it!

myfurrymutts12Credit: Instagram / @myfurrymutts

Veador doesn’t care that he just had a bath. He will jump into muddy waters as soon as he sees it and by the look of his face, he has no regrets.

myfurrymutts8Credit: Instagram / @myfurrymutts

You can always have another bath, but you might not be able to jump into the same river again! These two know that you might as well jump into everything head first!

myfurrymutts3Credit: Instagram / @myfurrymutts

As long as they’re together, it will always be a fun time. It’s all about living life to the fullest for these two adventure pups!

By the looks of their faces in every photo, life couldn’t be better for them.

myfurrymutts7Credit: Instagram / @myfurrymutts

Miss Thea doesn’t know how to contain her excitement and she chose to look part fox, part Thea. We want what she’s having!

myfurrymutts6Credit: Instagram / @myfurrymutts

Veador doesn’t know how to stop having fun so sometimes he needs to be pulled out of it when it’s time to go home. He is not about stopping fun.

myfurrymutts5Credit: Instagram / @myfurrymutts

There’s a time to take a break and appreciate nature and what it offers you. Thea and Veador know just how to slow down and just take it all in!

myfurrymutts9Credit: Instagram / @myfurrymutts

Because if you’re not soaking up the sun on a beach, what are you doing with your life?

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