Tori Mistick Is The Ultimate Dog Mom

They said she could be whatever she wanted. So Tori became a dog mom.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
tmistick3Credit: Instagram / @tmistick

It takes a lot of discipline to work for yourself – especially online. You have everything at your fingertips that is distracting. Plus, you don’t really have to get out of bed if all you need to do that day is manage your social media and make sure you’re interacting with your audience. When your co-worker is your dog, you will surely be tempted to have a lot of lazy days cuddling with your fur baby.

tmistick4Credit: Instagram / @tmistick

Even though they do take some days off, Tori Mistick and her lovable Labrador Lucy spend their days together interacting with the best people – dog people!

Tori Mistick is a self-labelled fashion obsessed dog mom who runs the online blog Wear, Wag, Repeat. She uses her blog to share her personal style, photos of Lucy, and dog mom life tips. Lucy is her partner who tests all of Tori’s items and gets a lot of treats for being an amazing model.

tmistick5Credit: Instagram / @tmistick

But even days off aren’t really days off. Managing a Dog Mom Blog is hard work. There’s planning, scheduling, uploading, commenting, and liking. And you have to keep your co-worker happy with lots of treats and pats for good behavior.

tmistick9Credit: Instagram / @tmistick

And Lucy gets the best compensation for being herself – private pool parties, lots of treats, lots of walks, and lots of love from her mom and her fans!

Tori and Lucy’s dedication pays off – their feed is gorgeous.

tmistick8Credit: Instagram / @tmistick

We can tell that these girls love their bright color scheme. Pink is a favorite and they’re not afraid to show it.

tmistick2Credit: Instagram / @tmistick

But chocolate goes with everything and Lucy proves that! She’s a happy model and looks great in any shot.

tmistick7Credit: Instagram / @tmistick

When it’s time for a break, Lucy knows exactly where she wants to stop and rest. Next to her favorite dog statues and fake fire hydrant. #LovingIt

tmistick10Credit: Instagram / @tmistick

Then it’s back home for more relaxing with Mom. It’s perfect – personal pool, mom feeding you watermelon, and looking fabulous. Lucy really knows how to live life.

Tori proves being a dog mom is an amazing 24/7 job.

tmistickCredit: Instagram / @tmistick

Imagine if you worked with your best friend and the way you resolve conflict was just scratching her chin. That’s a win in our books.

tmistick12Credit: Instagram / @tmistick

Your life would include taking a lot of seats with your pupper and looking goals af. We feel the love and happiness in all of their photos.

tmistick6Credit: Instagram / @tmistick

Another perk is having so many people sharing the love you have with your dog with you. Tori is all about style and DIY projects for dog moms. She’s not just showing off her relationship. She’s giving back too!

tmistick11Credit: Instagram / @tmistick

It’s hard work building a presence online and we applaud these two lovely ladies for surpassing 10 thousand followers on Instagram. They’re so close to 20 thousand now!

For more beautiful photos, follow them on Instagram @tmistick!