When You Love Your English Bulldog, The Logical Step Is A French Bulldog, Too

Sumo And Cocopops: Your New Fave Bulldog Crew

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
operation_sumoCredit: Instagram / @operation_sumo

Unlike some older siblings, Sumo the English Bulldog was not disappointed when his family brought home his little sister Cocopops! He knew his parents had so much love to give him that he wanted to share it with someone else. So, adding another little bully to the family seemed the like the best idea. And she did not disappoint. Lil Cocopops fit right into the family photos and loves getting posed and dressed up.

operation_sumo3Credit: Instagram / @operation_sumo

Sumo didn’t have to outsource his model partners to his other bully friends. Everything could be done in house! Plus, it was getting a little embarrassing having paw-rents THAT in love with you.

operation_sumo2Credit: Instagram / @operation_sumo

Of course, being a big brother is not always that easy. You get your personal bubble invaded at least once a day and you grin and bear it because you love your little sibling.

operation_sumo5Credit: Instagram / @operation_sumo

Plus, when your little sister does things like this, you can’t help but laugh at her. Who else’s puppy wedges themselves in between the couch cushions??

There are songs about this – Two is always better than one?

operation_sumo6Credit: Instagram / @operation_sumo

Even in tough times where Cocopops had to wear her cone of shame, she and Sumo were able to get an amazing artsy shot. This photo could be an album cover!

operation_sumo7Credit: Instagram / @operation_sumo

When you and your best friend can nail any pose, you can make most any setting work. Just look at these happy bullies in a trash bin! A trash bin!!

operation_sumo9Credit: Instagram / @operation_sumo

These two are more than just best friends and siblings. They’re partners in crime. If you’re in Melbourne, Australia, you’d better keep your eyes peeled for these bullies.

operation_sumo11Credit: Instagram / @operation_sumo

They can even change it up and be professional partners. Never doubt a dog because of their breed. Any breed can be classy af and these two prove that!

These two aren’t always exclusive. They love having guests over!

operation_sumo12Credit: Instagram / @operation_sumo

Sometimes they have foster siblings like this bread loving blue Frenchie, April. They use their hilarious and beautiful Instagram to find forever homes for their siblings in need. How sweet is that!

operation_sumo10Credit: Instagram / @operation_sumo

Because hide and seek is difficult when you can’t really fit anywhere nicely and grunt every so often. Even though the saying is “two peas in a pod”, there is always room for more!

operation_sumo8Credit: Instagram / @operation_sumo

When you’re this happy and you know it, you’ve got to share it. And that’s exactly what Sumo the Bulldog does with his smile and love for his humans and siblings!

operation_sumo4Credit: Instagram / @operation_sumo

And we know Sumo and Cocopops’ humans love them. They even become them when they’re away from their bullies for too long.

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