10 Reasons Why Sumo The Shiba Is King

It’s hard being from a small town and having such majestic features.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
sumotheshibainuCredit: Instagram / @sumotheshibainu

It’s hard to unspoil your dog. When your dog has been with you since he was a puppy, all he’s ever known was you. And you loved your puppy to death. It made your day when you came home to a rowdy puppy. Even if your puppy left a surprise mess for you to find, it was always exciting. The best part is at the end of the day and your little puppy snuggled up beside you to keep you warm and loved.

sumotheshibainu2Credit: Instagram / @sumotheshibainu

Even when you grow up in life and get married, your dog was there first and is now your shared baby with your spouse. Making your own babies take time and money, so for now, your dog is your spoiled little fur baby. And Sumo the Shiba knows exactly how that feels. Here are 10 reasons why he’s the king of his little family.

10. He can be as messy as he wants.

sumotheshibainu3Credit: Instagram / @sumotheshibainu

Here is Sumo as a sprinkled covered Shiba. He knows that he can get all snowy and wet because once he gets home, he will be bathed and pampered like a prince till he’s warm again.

9. He gets annoyed with houseguests.

sumotheshibainu4Credit: Instagram / @sumotheshibainu

Whether fur or human, Shiba is not at all pleased when he must share the attention. But things get to a whole other level when he has to share the couch! Just look at his face! #Displeased

Good thing his humans know how to make him smile.

8. He gets to make so many Shiba friends!

sumotheshibainu5Credit: Instagram / @sumotheshibainu

When there’s a Shiba-Inu meet up, you’d best bet that Sumo is there and mingling like the friendly dog he is. We believe you’re at your most comfortable when you’re with your favorite kinds of people/dogs.

7. He gets to go on a lot of walks.

sumotheshibainu6Credit: Instagram / @sumotheshibainu

Some doggos have to sacrifice some walking time because their humans are so tired from human responsibility. But Sumo gets a lot of walks + awesome photos with beautiful leashes. We’re ‘miring.

6. He gets as many breaks as he wants.

sumotheshibainu7Credit: Instagram / @sumotheshibainu

If Sumo needs a break at the end of the driveway, he will get it. It’s all about soaking up the sun and getting to be outside.

5. He gets to be a small town dog in the big city.

sumotheshibainu8Credit: Instagram / @sumotheshibainu

And you know how he handles it? He takes a break on the city benches because it is exhausting trying to cover that much ground in a day!

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get awesome compensation.

4. He gets to ride the subway!

sumotheshibainu9Credit: Instagram / @sumotheshibainu

Some dogs only dream of getting to ride the Toronto subway. It’s sometimes a hassle for even humans to get on it, but Sumo got to ride the rocket!

3. Morning walks means morning treats

sumotheshibainu10Credit: Instagram / @sumotheshibainu

Sumo was a bit apprehensive about walking so early in the morning, but he got to spend quality time with his Mama and breathe in the morning air! That’s a win from us!

2. He’s literally always the star of the shot.

sumotheshibainu11Credit: Instagram / @sumotheshibainu

This photo may have not been about Sumo, but he made it about himself. By the look on his face, he was tired of all the couple photos – more single shots of Sumo!

1. He knows he’s going to get the treat.

sumotheshibainu12Credit: Instagram / @sumotheshibainu

When there was only one treat left at the store, Sumo has his game face on, but he knows that he will fight for at least the biggest half!

Of course, this is all speculation. But we love Sumo and his adventures. If you do too, follow him on Instagram @sumotheshibainu!