Did You Celebrate National Mutt Day?

Here are some of our favorite mutts we found on the Internet.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
myfurrymuttsCredit: Instagram / @myfurrymutts

We’re strong believers that all dogs are good dogs and we love them no matter what their breed is. A dog is a dog is a dog and if you can pet him, that’s all that matters to us. Of course, some of us have some favorite pure breeds, like mine right now are Samoyeds because they’re just giant fluffy clouds with faces that love you. But, one of my favorite doggos right now in my life is this devil dog Maltese/Pekingese mix who bit me so hard I went to the emergency room. Alas, love hurts sometimes.

Helen JohnsonCredit: Facebook / Helen Johnson

But sometimes we rescue or find doggos to bring home and we have no idea what they are or how they came to be. And just like how humans want to know their ancestry, we are tempted to find out what made our puppers.

Mary SchmitzCredit: Facebook / Mary Schmitz

Unfortunately, for some doggos like this precious snoot, the results can sometimes come back as “50% mix”, which tells us nothing. But, love doesn’t change!

Jason CopenhaverCredit: Facebook / Jason Copenhaver

Even though your mixed pupper may look sad, it might just be their face. We know that your doggo probably gets all the attention in the world!

Even though some mixes are accidents, some are meant to be to create a beautiful new breed!

Teandra Ãsylum‎Credit: Facebook / Teandra Ãsylum‎

We’re not sure what kind of pupper this adorable little bean is, but we love her! She looks like a little doll that you can bring everywhere!

Lauren Godlesky‎Credit: Facebook / Lauren Godlesky‎

Then we have the gorgeous colored mixes like this mutt Charley. We think he looks like a delicious chocolate/caramel/cookie dough ice cream mix!

Reenie Del Pinto-OzanichCredit: Facebook / Reenie Del Pinto-Ozanich

This little beard monster looks like some kind of Schnauzer mix. Either way this doggo gets our respect with that ‘stache!

Kara SuttleCredit: Facebook / Kara Suttle

We love our tiny bean mutts. They look like mini wolves with baby faces. This is why we need more mutts! More tiny, fuzzy beans!

That’s the point of being able to not tell what they are – they are all just puppers and doggos in the end!

Jeni WilsonCredit: Facebook / Jeni Wilson

Sometimes our mutts come out looking more like funny looking bunnies / kittens with all their whiskers and strange tiny ears. Either way, we will pet them with all our love.

Emilie White
Credit: Facebook / Emilie White

This happy sausage with an adorable hat apparently came to his dog mama as a “Chihuahua x Yorkie”, but no one believes the breeder. Either way, you get a happy little lump who loves tiny hats.

Elana Du Plessis BadenhorstCredit: Facebook / Elana Du Plessis Badenhorst

This little fuzzy gremlin is apparently a suspected Yorkie and Fox Terrier. We totally see it! All that fuzz can’t disguise ancestry.

Lenna Campbell‎Credit: Facebook / Lenna Campbell‎

This happy uneven eared pup is Labrador, German Shepherd, and Pit Bull! We see everything but the German Shepherd. Either way, she’s adorable!

We love these mutts! Show us yours!