Pippin The Two-Legged Pup Hops Just Like A Kangaroo

It’s all kinds of adorable and he’s just so happy!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
loveyloavesCredit: @loveyloves

This is Pippin! He only has two legs and he hops like a kangaroo or a ferret. He’s a happy little guy and when he’s lying down, he looks like a perfect loaf of bread.

Pippin is a ten-week old puppy who was born with only two legs. Is there something in the water making these adorable two legged-pups? He lives with a foster family who take in pets with special needs and Pippin is just loving life. He currently gets around by hopping on his two legs but he’ll get his own wheels soon. He just has to grow a little more. But for now, he’s steady hoppinh.

It's Friday night! #pouncing #loveyloaves #jumpforjoy #differentnotdefective

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Just watch this infinite loop of him bouncing!

loveyloaves2Credit: @loveyloves

He’s growing more and more every day. His body is thinning out with all the muscle he’s building from inch-worming everywhere and no longer looks like a puffy loaf of bread.

Pippen's "Neighborhood Watch" video from the other day went totally crazy over on Facebook! At over 444K views, over a million people reached, and 9,500+ shares, there are a massive amount of common comments and questions so we wanted to address some things here in a new post for all to see while also sharing a brand new video of the lil' guy rocking it slo-mo! FIRST... he is in no pain, nor is he "miserable" or a "poor baby" just because he has no front legs. He has a birth defect where he was born with no front legs. Aside from that he is a completely normal, happy, healthy puppy. He plays and bites with his razor sharp raptor teeth and whines to be held and eat. We can learn so much from dogs. They adapt and they move on, and they do so with a tongue-lolling smile! SECOND... yes, he will get a set of wheels. But he is only 8 weeks old. He needs to grow before we can fit him for a set of wheels. He is growing rapidly. He is visually larger today than he was even four days ago. Any wheels purchased or built today would not fit him correctly a week from now. Our carts come from Eddie's Wheels for Pets where they custom build for us to exact measurements and specifications of each individual dog. We are not just going to throw something together and slap it on him for fear of hurting his back due to the unique way in which he moves. So for now, he is walking like a T-rex and hopping like a bunny on his hind legs. Sometimes he scoots and slides around. He is not hurting himself. He is fine. THIRD AND LASTLY... to those of you who have commented and view him as a beautiful, inspirational, deserving and worthy dog... THANK YOU! You are exactly right. To those who have laughed at the "freak" and expressed that he is not deserving of a happy life... shame on you. You have a lot to learn. #loveyloaves #differentnotdefective #jumpforjoy

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We can’t get over how this little guy hops!

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Look how long this puppy is getting! We can’t wait to see what he’ll look like when he’s full grown and racing around in his wheels! He’ll be Mr. Speedy Pippin!

Like, he already knew he was tough while he was just a wee baby. Look at him guarding the neighborhood.

Follow him as he grows and see where he ends up for his forever home @loveyloves!