Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes

British Brand Hettie Company For Human & Hound

By The Get Leashed Goods Team
Photo: Honey I Dressed The Pug 

In a world filled with fast fashion, it can sometimes seem like a challenge to find items of higher quality and substance for you and your dog. Fortunately, brands like the UK’s Hettie Company are still taking the approach of craftsman past. Founded in 2015, Hettie began manufacturing high quality, coordinating accessories and items for humans and their dogs. Founder Sian Reekie had a vision to design a country inspired collection, with exceptional quality setting the brand apart from others in the pet fashion market. On choosing to remain in the UK, Sian noted “there is a higher cost attached to this, but we’re not making ‘throwaway fashion’, our mission is to make fresh, elegant and simple accessories here in Britain that our customers will want to keep forever”.

With the history and heritage of wool, it’s a pleasure for the brand to support one of the very last vertical wooden mills in the UK. Wool is also sustainable and eco-friendly, another important value Hettie holds highly. Working with traditional fabric producer Abraham Moon, whose name has been around since 1837, Hettie is able to offer luxury with their innovative pieces.

Have a look at some of our favorite Hettie items below, and go ahead and mix and match!