Sheltie Spotlight: Molly O’ Malley Is All Smiles

We love everything about this special Toronto Sheltie and we think you will too!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
mollymomalley.sheltie3Credit: Instagram /  @mollyomalley.sheltie

Some days when I’m not my happiest, I go to the Internet to find cute dog photos and videos and stories. Dogs being derpy, silly, and sleepy, or any other dwarves’ namesake make my heart smile. And Molly O’Malley is one of those dogs whose photos will make your frown turn upside down. By the look of her face she looks so excited about life, other dogs, humans, and just exploring the 6ix. And she loves our Get Leashed events too!

mollymomalley.sheltie2Credit: Instagram /  @mollyomalley.sheltie

Molly was all ready to go and waiting patiently for one of our Doga sessions. While she and her mother probably did amazing, we think Molly’s favorite part was meeting other doggos!

mollymomalley.sheltieCredit: Instagram /  @mollyomalley.sheltie

No matter what angle you look at Molly, she’ll probably lift your spirits. She’s so fluffy we want to pet her through the screen!

mollymomalley.sheltie4Credit: Instagram /  @mollyomalley.sheltie

Even when she sleeps not so gracefully, she looks as lovable, cuddly, and squishy like a stuffed animal. By the look of her face, though, she probably needs to catch some Z’s for the next adventure.

Molly just looks she has this zest for life that is contagious to anyone who sees her!

mollymomalley.sheltie5Credit: Instagram /  @mollyomalley.sheltie

She loves making friends both big and small. She posed with this adorable tiny Frenchie to teach him how to be smiley and friendly!

mollymomalley.sheltie6Credit: Instagram /  @mollyomalley.sheltie

Molly doesn’t deny an opportunity to be outside with her mum. It’s even better when it’s a doggy event where she can see other dogs and dog lovers!

mollymomalley.sheltie7Credit: Instagram /  @mollyomalley.sheltie

Anywhere Molly is welcome is a win for Molly’s mom. She loves bringing Molly wherever she can and Molly blesses everyone with her happy smile!

mollymomalley.sheltie8Credit: Instagram /  @mollyomalley.sheltie

When it’s time to take a break, Molly will choose to sit next to a furry friend. It may be hot out, but there’s shade and a friend somewhere close by.

Molly seizes every opportunity in life and it gives us hope!

mollymomalley.sheltie9Credit: Instagram /  @mollyomalley.sheltie

“Look at all these products made just for doggies! I thought doggies love people more than people love us, but I am wrong!”

Yup, Molly, we love dogs so, so much!

mollymomalley.sheltie10Credit: Instagram /  @mollyomalley.sheltie

Molly knows love is love and will always rep the Pride flag. She can’t even see color but she knows that she’s supporting so many people!

mollyomalley.sheltie11Credit: Instagram /  @mollyomalley.sheltie

On regular walks, even if she’s tired, she will take a break and still be as happy as a clam. When is Molly not smiling??

mollyomalley.sheltie12Credit: Instagram /  @mollyomalley.sheltie

Molly is gorgeous and loves everything about life. We hope you love Molly as much as we do at Get Leashed!

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