The Adventure Cats: Bolt And Keel Take Over The World

Brothers, adventurers, hikers, these kitty brothers sure know how to blast the house cat stereotype.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
boltandkeel4Credit: Instagram / @boltandkeel

Packing your pet for any kind of outing could be seen as a hassle. You have to make sure you have at least a leash and some plastic bags for the simplest of walks. But, sometimes you have to back a whole lot more – water, water bowl, treats, toys, brush, the list could go on depending on where you’re going. With cats, it’s a little different because they don’t usually go on walks or even really go outside.

boltandkeelCredit: Instagram / @boltandkeel

But Bolt and Keel are the unconventional kind of kitties. They don’t know anything too much about being simple house kitties. They spend their days outside with their moms trekking through beaches, snow hills, forests, and they love it.

boltandkeel2Credit: Instagram / @boltandkeel

Cats hate water? Maybe? Probably, but these kitties wear life jackets or even sit in their moms’ jackets while in a boat. They’re not afraid of the water as long as they’re not in it!

boltandkeel3Credit: Instagram / @boltandkeel

Because like any other kitties, they just want to curl up with their humans. Bolt and Keel don’t mind that they’re outside!

Of course, there’s always an opportunity to take naps wherever.

boltandkeel5Credit: Instagram / @boltandkeel

Because that’s exactly what cats do! They take catnaps. Whether Bolt and Keel are sleeping in their moms’ arms or in a backpack, they’re extra cozy and can probably sleep through anything.

boltandkeel12Credit: Instagram / @boltandkeel

“Paddle faster, woman! It’s helping me sleep and the sun is at the right angle.”

Just because they’re okay with being outside, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a sassy side.

boltandkeel6Credit: Instagram / @boltandkeel

But if they nap too much then they can’t appreciate all the wonders of nature. They even have matching raincoats for entering deep into the forest and it’s all things adorable and we love it!

boltandkeel7Credit: Instagram / @boltandkeel

Like anyone else, they don’t like waking up so early in the morning. But the early bird catches the worm and the early kitty catches the bird!

Bolt and Keel think being housecats are overrated. The world is beautiful!

boltandkeel8Credit: Instagram / @boltandkeel

When they’re finally with some kind of civilization after being in the forest or water, they like to be the furriest and cutest light keeper there ever was.

boltandkeel9Credit: Instagram / @boltandkeel
But then it’s back to being semi-regular kitties and lazing in their human’s arms why they eat. If it fits, they sit. #CatLogicboltandkeel10Credit: Instagram / @boltandkeel

Sometimes Bolt has his resting cat face and does not enjoy being cooped up on a boat and in a bag. “Hold me! Don’t paddle! Just hold me!”

boltandkeel11Credit: Instagram / @boltandkeel

Adventure is all these two know. Ever since they were wee little kittens, they’re been learning to love water in their mothers’ jackets. They probably wouldn’t know what to do with themselves in a regular home.

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