Violet The Pug Proves Age Is Just A Number

She’s beauty and she’s grace, just look at her face!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
violet_pugCredit: Instagram / @violet_pug

There’s just something about Pugs that make us melt. They’re not conventionally gorgeous like Golden Retrievers, but their wrinkly and squishy faces and abundance of rolls just steal our heart. But, just think about it: would you pass up an invitation for a pug party? We didn’t think so. In our opinion at Get Leashed, we think that Pugs also age beautifully like fine wine and Violet the Pug proves us right!

violet_pug2Credit: Instagram / @violet_pug

This little, sassy Pug and her brother Timmy rep the cause of adopting a senior dog. And by the look of their faces, they’re super happy that they have a loving family.

violet_pug3Credit: Instagram / @violet_pug

Doesn’t Violet look gorgeous on her royal cloud? She doesn’t look a day over 5 and this girl is in her double digits!

violet_pug4Credit: Instagram / @violet_pug

And in her old age, she is still rather active on social media and loves each and every one of her 51 thousand followers on Instagram!

Violet doesn’t fear aging at all.

violet_pug8Credit: Instagram / @violet_pug

She celebrates every birthday with an amazing walk accompanied by colorful balloons. She gets all the attention she deserves on these walks.

violet_pug5Credit: Instagram / @violet_pug

But even without the balloons she probably gets as many pats and smiles as the next dog. Just look how beautiful she is!

violet_pug6Credit: Instagram / @violet_pug

It doesn’t hurt to always be celebrating how wonderful you look in your old age. And Violet is unashamed and always willing to wear a party hat.

violet_pug7Credit: Instagram / @violet_pug

Who wouldn’t want to be on a walk with this gorgeous senior pug and her balloons? We want to celebrate as Violet does.

For more photos follow Violet on Instagram @violet_pug!