Founders & Furballs- Jonathan Adler and FoxyLady

Adler’s ceramics are for everything that inspires him – including his pup!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
jonathanadler7Credit: Instagram / @jonathanadler

Everyone’s inspiration is different. What we do with that inspiration also differentiates us from the next person. Creative artists can see something that may look insignificant to others and make something beautiful out of it. It’s like when a chef looks at a fridge with minimal ingredients and creates a delicious three-course meal. Or when Jonathan Adler sees clay and creates something magnificent for home-use.

jonathanadler9Credit: Instagram / @jonathanadler

Jonathan Adler is a potter, designer, author, and a New Yorker. Since his first ceramic collection in 1993, Adler has risen to the top of home décor and has 30 stores named after him. We’ve featured a few of his items in the past because they’re just so good.

jonathanadler5Credit: Instagram / @jonathanadler

He and his partner Simon Doonan live in Greenwich Village or on Shelter Island with their beautiful rescue pup, FoxyLady. Everything to do with this family is beautiful, colorful, and fabulous!

jonathanadler2Credit: Instagram / @jonathanadler

Ms. FoxyLady is a model for Jonathan Adler’s Instagram page and steals the spotlight from his designs with her gorgeous white patches and little white feeties!

Despite a former teacher discouraging him, Adler has succeeded creating his own brand.

jonathanadler10Credit: Instagram / @jonathanadler

He started producing his own creations and slowly worked to open his first store in SoHo. Some of his designs include cute little doggy inspired salt and pepper shakers!

jonathanadler11Credit: Instagram / @jonathanadler

Over 30 stores sell his designs and he has over 1000 retailers. Sometimes it’s nice to feel blue in the good way – just like Foxylady!

jonathanadler8Credit: Instagram / @jonathanadler

Adler expanded his products from ceramics to interior design products like art, pillows, sofas, and the like. Adler even has interior design projects such as the Parker Palm Springs Hotel!

jonathanadlerCredit: Instagram / @jonathanadler

His success doesn’t make him forget his family and friends. He even has cardboard cut outs of his little family for events!

And doggies will always be a part of Adler’s muses.

jonathanadler3Credit: Instagram / @jonathanadler

Some of his office staff include little wrinkle babies like this Bulldog puppy! He doesn’t like Mondays, but he was dressed for the season!

jonathanadler4Credit: Instagram / @jonathanadler

@MenswearDog even loves his designs and will model for Adler anytime! Life is great when your friends with the right dog people!

jonathanadler12Credit: Instagram / @jonathanadler

Some of his products just have dog lover written all over them. This ceramic doggy mug is replacing this pupper’s face. Best Mug Shot ever!

jonathanadler6Credit: Instagram / @jonathanadler

Jonathan started from the bottom before Drake and now he’s here. And this is just his dressing room! We’re impressed and in love with all things Jonathan Adler!