Jessica Alba’s Poor Pug, Sid, Passes

Sid the Pug made her film debut in Honey alongside her human.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
jessicaalbaCredit: Instagram / @jessicaalba

It almost seems like another time period when Jessica Alba played hip-hop dancer/choreographer in Honey way back in 2003. You almost forgot that in a couple of scenes in the movie, Alba was walking a tiny little Pug. That Pug was Jessica Alba’s very own doggy, Sid. Soon after she got married to Cash Warren and Sid was Cash’s first dog ever! Sid was with Alba and her family since the beginning and last week, Sid passed away.

jessicaalba2Credit: Instagram / @jessicaalba

Alba dedicated a post to Sid on her Instagram. Both Alba and Warren commented on the fact that Sid ensured that any crumb on the floor was found and eaten.

cash_warren3Credit: Instagram / @cash_warren

Warren posted a photo of a cartoon Pug in memory of Sid and expressed how he will miss the little “Rolldog”. In her 16 years, Sid made a loving impression on their entire family.

cash_warren4Credit: Instagram / @cash_warren

Jessica and Cash have been married since 2008 and have two beautiful children. They have just recently announced a third pregnancy! How exciting!

Their two girls grew up with Sid and will miss her dearly.

cash_warren2Credit: Instagram / @cash_warren

Sid was the subject of many hugs and pats from Alba’s daughters. And she didn’t mind at all. Sid was a very patient older fur sister and accepted all the love.

cash_warren5Credit: Instagram / @cash_warren

True to their memories, Sid was always sniffing the ground to make sure there was no crumb left behind. Even amongst their Halloween preparations, Sid has her nose to the ground.

cash_warrenCredit: Instagram / @cash_warren

She also made sure the babies were clean from anything. She would do sniff checks on their heads and clear them before they played!

jessicaalba3Credit: Instagram / @jessicaalba

Even though Sid may be gone, Alba and Warren will remember her forever. They have one more pug to cherish and a growing family to look forward to!

Rest in peace, Sid!