Celebrate International Cat Day With These Cute Cats

It’s all about the kitties of the Internet today!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
realgrumpycatCredit: Instagram / @realgrumpycat

A scroll through any of our content, one might say that we may have a bias to dogs. It’d be hard to admit that we don’t, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love our feline friends! There’s a time and place on the Internet where there are dog-loving people and another whole fluffy dimension where it’s all about cats! More often than not, someone will say that when they’re wasting time on the Internet it’s because they’re busy watching silly cat videos.

maru.and.kumoCredit: Instagram / @maru.and.kumo

Even if you’re not a so-called “cat-person”, you’d have to admit that cat videos and photos are equally amusing and adorable as the puppy ones.

albertbabycatCredit: Instagram / @albertbabycat

Cats either have resting grumpy faces a la Grumpy Cat or big ol’ Puss in Boots eyes. They’re mesmerizing or hilarious – either way it’s good Internet content in our books.

venustwofacecatCredit: Instagram / @venustwofacecat

They don’t all fit the stereotype of being grumpy house royalty. They have their adorable follow you around the house moments. And sometimes they even come with two different faces!

If you’re a die hard cat-hater, we’d bet after some of these photos you may want to reconsider.

maru.and.kumo2Credit: Instagram / @maru.and.kumo

How harmful can this little fluffy baby with big eyes be?? She fits in a tiny basket and just naps all day. She’d probably nap in your arms and purr the day away.

purrsanloveCredit: Instagram / @purrsanlove

What can you hate about this little floof who made herself comfortable on the bottom shelf? If you pet her, she’d probably nudge your hand a little for more pats!

dominokatiCredit: Instagram / @dominokati

You know the “Don’t talk to me or my son ever again” meme that usually has dogs? Well, cats can pull it off too.

pumpkinthepurrmachineCredit: Instagram / @pumpkinthepurrmachine

Just look at Pumpkin’s eyes!! How can you not like cats?? You can prefer dogs all you want, but just look how precious!!

There should be no rivalry between dogs and cats – just a happy overlap in the Venn diagram for people who love both.

hamilton_the_hipster_catCredit: Instagram / @hamilton_the_hipster_cat

Hamilton the HIPSTER cat has his very own natural moustache! He doesn’t even have to maintain it. He was literally born with it. #NotMaybelline

hello_luna_roseCredit: Instagram / @hello_luna_rose

Cats are less distracted and will be there to listen to you vent for fifty minutes. They won’t charge you an arm and a leg, but possibly a treat.

boltandkeelCredit: Instagram / @boltandkeel

Dogs aren’t the only adventure buddies. Cats are willing to wear lifejackets and join you on a canoe ride. Don’t stick them in a housecat box!

iamlilbubCredit: Instagram / @iamlilbub

And a final shout out to Lil Bub who’s famous for both being adorable and inspirational! We love you, Lil Bub!

Show us your kitties! Happy International Cat Day!