Demi Lovato Partners With Wag And Gets Free Dog Walks For Life!

What a break for the star’s new doggy!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
ddlovatoCredit: Instagram / @ddlovato

I don’t know about you, but I remember Demi Lovato from her film debut in Camp Rock with one of the Jonas brothers. I believe it was Joe, but really, does it matter? That’s where I learned the song This Is Me and learned that all it took to be happy and successful is to be 100% you. Okay, enough with the Demi Lovato anecdotes.

ddlovato2Credit: Instagram / @ddlovato

Demi Lovato is currently working on her sixth studio album and recently released her banging single Sorry Not Sorry. All the while working on this album, she added a new doggy named Cinderella to her fam. Cinderella joins her brother Batman in Lovato’s life.

wag3Credit: Instagram / @wag

Demi posted a photo holding her two pups in Wag gear announcing that they were both getting free walks with life! How awesome, right?

wag4Credit: Instagram / @wag

Wag is a dog-walking app, only available in America (sorry, Canadians!), and is apparently an “Uber for dogs.” With the app, you can book a dog-walker on demand and even get a report card of your dog’s walk.

It’s convenient if you just can’t find the time to walk your dog.

urban_bourbon_doodleCredit: Instagram / @urban_bourbon_doodle

Sometimes we have those days. Back to back errands, things we procrastinated, and it just feels like we’re a prisoner of our own home.

wagCredit: Instagram / @wag

So Wag makes it easier for you, the tired dog parent, to be assured that your pup has a long, adequate walk where all their business is done. They’re even GPS tracked!

wag5Credit: Instagram / @wag

The app allows you to book your favorite dog-walkers and there are other features like in-home boarding, visits, and live photo updates!

wag2Credit: Instagram / @wag

Both you and your dog will eagerly await a dog-walker who can come in 15 minutes, basically like summoning an Uber driver. Even though you may be disappointed that you couldn’t join your pup on a walk, you’ll know they’ll have a great time!

Shout out to Demi Lovato for putting Wag on the radar a little more than they were before! Check out the Wag App!