Tank, Missing Puppy With 20k Followers Needs Your Help

A $5k reward to whoever can return Tank to his home in Ontario, Canada

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
bluenosetank8Credit: Instagram / @bluenosetank

On July 27th, four-month-old Tank was stolen during a break and enter in Kitchener, Ontario. Tank’s human, George Wang, believes that the culprit or culprits accessed the house through a window or the balcony. They were able to do so in a high visibility area during the day. Although Wang filed a report, they believe that the individuals who have Tank may have taken him out of town. Tank has over 20 000 followers on Instagram and Wang has taken to his Instagram to seek help locating his puppy.

bluenosetank7Credit: Instagram / @bluenosetank

Wang describes Tank as a friendly and good-looking dog. Friends of Wang warned that people may attempt to steal him.

bluenosetank6Credit: Instagram / @bluenosetank

George is offering a $5000 reward with no questions asked for the return of his puppy. An anonymous donor offered $1000 of that reward.

bluenosetank5Credit: Instagram / @bluenosetank

Observers stated that Tank resembles a Pit Bull, which are illegal in Ontario. However, Tank is too young to be deemed a Pit Bull.

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