Rory The Vet Is On A Mission To Cuddle All The Puppies

And kittens. Because why else are you a vet, right?

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
rorythevetCredit: Instagram / @rorythevet

If we could have it our way (or some of us already do), we’d never work a day in our lives and do what we love all the time. To some of us, that’s travelling all over the world, to others it could be creating something beyond someone else’s limitations, and to most of us it’d be petting all the baby animals we can reach! Could you imagine waking up everyday and just playing with a bunch of puppies or kittens or even baby goats? None of us would be sad. It’d be like a second heaven.

rorythevet2Credit: Instagram / @rorythevet

Well, Rory the vet is close to that second heaven. As one of four people who appear on the UK’s CBBC The Pets Factor, he gets to be on TV, see baby animals, AND help them.

rorythevet3Credit: Instagram / @rorythevet

Even outside of work, dogs are attracted to him and viciously maul him as dogs do. With love, of course, and Rory reciprocates the love with lots of pats.

rorythevet4Credit: Instagram / @rorythevet

Rory does a melt EVERY time he sees a pupper or a kitty and it melts our hearts too. Can we be him holding a tiny Schnauzer puppy?

rorythevet5Credit: Instagram / @rorythevet

He gets to hold such adorable animals. Like look at this baby Shiba! Baby Shiba looks so sad and Rory is copying his face.

Rory does not have enough hands to hold and pet all of these puppers, but he sure does try.

rorythevet6Credit: Instagram / @rorythevet

Even at a barbecue, he finds the puppy and grabs him for some playful snuggles and kisses. It’s all about taming the tiny beast.

rorythevet7Credit: Instagram / @rorythevet

Then there’s tiny floppy eared pups who need a holding. Rory’s right there to grab the pup and take a selfie. If you didn’t take a picture, no one else can share in the cute!

rorythevet8Credit: Instagram / @rorythevet

You must record all the vicious Rottie attacks like this little pupper who punched Rory face successfully. So angry, so tough.

rorythevet9Credit: Instagram / @rorythevet

There’s the odd occasion when it’s not a puppy or a kitten or a bunny. Rory found himself a baby fox and he can’t even. We can’t even either!!

rorythevet10Credit: Instagram / @rorythevet

When the Pug is doing a face that makes everyone loves her, you best copy her. And that’s exactly what Rory did. We think the Pug did it better, though.

In our opinion, you can’t really get these cuddles from people.

rorythevet11Credit: Instagram / @rorythevet

And all these photos prove it! Just look how happy Rory is and how cuddly that puppy is and omg. Do we sign up for vet school now?

rorythevet12Credit: Instagram / @rorythevet

Excuse my unprofessional writing there, but do you feel me? In this photo, the dog booped Rory! Talk about role reversal.

rorythevet13Credit: Instagram / @rorythevet

Rory’s out of the scrubs, but he’ still serving smooches for some fluffy pooches. We’re all about doing your job 24/7.

rorythevet14Credit: Instagram / @rorythevet

He just looks as happy as he should be cradling a little fluffer pupper. Rory is the epitome of all of us animal-lovers. We want to be Rory!

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