World Famous 180lb Hulk The Pit Bull Loves His Puppies

This Big Protector Is A Father And A Grandfather

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
iam_thehulkCredit: Instagram / @iam_thehulk 


Hulk the Pit Bull is no joke. He’s trained specifically for security purposes and can probably break a powerful person’s arm with no hesitation. He eats like a champ, trains like a champ, and looks like a champ. His human, Marlon Grennan, created and works for Dark Dynasty K9s. They breed and train “XL” Pit Bull Terriers closely as leaders of the pack. Hulk isn’t even 5 years old yet and one of his litters can go for $500 000 USD. Whether you’re for or against this practice of giant Pit Bull Terriers, let us sway you in the direction of just how cute Hulk is with his puppies and grand-puppies!

iam_thehulk2Credit: Instagram / @iam_thehulk 

You wouldn’t want to go for any of these little babies with their Daddy behind them. Remember, he can snap a grown man like a twig.

iam_thehulk3Credit: Instagram / @iam_thehulk 

It’s no lie that these are his puppies. They grow just as big as Hulk and train just as hard as him. They’re all protection dogs.

iam_thehulk4Credit: Instagram / @iam_thehulk 

When Hulk isn’t training or working, he’s a big puppy on his own with his little babies surrounding him. He knows how to be a good daddy and doesn’t try to eat his pups.

Hulk is used to being around babies and puppies alike.

iam_thehulk5Credit: Instagram / @iam_thehulk 

Other than his many litters and grandfathered litters, Hulk lives with Marlon, his wife Lisa, and his two young boys.

iam_thehulk6Credit: Instagram / @iam_thehulk 

Hulk is gentle with both boys and Marlon and Lisa both trust Hulk with their lives. As the Alpha male, Marlon knows that Hulk won’t do anything to his family.

iam_thehulk7Credit: Instagram / @iam_thehulk 

Plus, from these photos, Hulk and his pack just look like very meaty puppies. It’s just if you try and play tug of war with them, you’ll definitely lose.

iam_thehulk8Credit: Instagram / @iam_thehulk 

Hulk’s son, Kobe, follows close in his father’s footsteps. Marlon breeds Kobe too to keep the lineage pure and strong.

Heck, Hulk even takes baths with Marlon’s children.

iam_thehulk11Credit: Instagram / @iam_thehulk 

If his family can trust Hulk around their human babies, chilling with baby versions of himself is no problem. And also super adorable! The little wrinkle babies aren’t afraid of their giant father at all.

iam_thehulk9Credit: Instagram / @iam_thehulk 

He’s apparently a very gentle giant who knows when to be aggressive and when not to be. Hulk has never bitten his puppies or Marlon’s children.

iam_thehulk10Credit: Instagram / @iam_thehulk 

They look like they should have their own sit-com. They look like a happy and fun gang that at a sound of an alarm, get ready to defeat some bad guys.

iam_thehulk12Credit: Instagram / @iam_thehulk 

Whatever your stance is on these XL Pit Bull Terriers, we don’t think you can deny the success or cuteness of this family!