See How This Dog Lives Up To His Name: Ego

Ego’s endeavors will make you want a Border Collie

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
endeavorsofegoCredit: Instagram / @endeavorsofego

It’s hard being a student. You have to choose between sleep, study, and social responsibility. There’s barely enough time to make sure you’ve eaten at least once that day to have enough time to take care of a dog or even a puppy! But, Sydney is a 20-year-old college student who took it upon herself to love and adore her gorgeous Border Collie, Ego! Ego is more photogenic than half of us on a good day and Sydney’s photography skills prove that.

endeavorsofego4Credit: Instagram / @endeavorsofego

At 19-years-old, Sydney wasn’t looking for a pup, but someone reached out to her about a very independent Border Collie puppy. She met this puppy and instantly fell in love.

endeavorsofego2Credit: Instagram / @endeavorsofego

The “independent” puppy Sydney named Ego, attached himself to his human and would cry every time she would leave the room.

endeavorsofego3Credit: Instagram / @endeavorsofego

Sydney was no stranger to dogs and has done agility training with dogs since she was 7 years old. She teaches classes twice a week and even has her own training room at home!

endeavorsofego5Credit: Instagram / @endeavorsofego

When they’re not working hard and training or studying, Ego and Sydney explore outside and Sydney takes gorgeous shots of Ego in all sorts of fields.

Sydney and Ego prove that with a little practice, anything is possible!

endeavorsofego6Credit: Instagram / @endeavorsofego

Like, we’d totally get this shot of Ego framed and put it up on a wall. He’s absolutely gorgeous and the angles/lighting/editing are on point.

endeavorsofego7Credit: Instagram / @endeavorsofego

We also think Ego was born a natural model so all he really needs to practice is his agility. But good thing Border Collies are geniuses!

endeavorsofego9Credit: Instagram / @endeavorsofego

Spending time with a pup in your formidable years like college helps a lot. We can see the strength in the relationship Sydney and Ego have together.

endeavorsofego8Credit: Instagram / @endeavorsofego

And we know that through whatever, this girl and her dog will stick with each other. If you want to see more photos of these two, follow Ego on Instagram @endeavorsofego!