Trump Your Dog Is A Thing And We’re Laughing

It might be facetious, but that’s what the Internet is for, isn’t it?

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
realdonaldtrumpCredit: Instagram / @therealdonaldtrump

There are people all over the world who have very strong feelings about President Donald Trump. His rise to presidency put the whole world on edge and when he won through the Electoral College vote, there were celebrations and there were riots. President Trump has shown the world time and time again that he is a businessman that loves America. His supporters come and go, but what really sticks to him all the time, for the most part, is his toupee. We mean … his hair.

postwafflesCredit: Instagram / @postwaffles

And the Internet does what the Internet does – makes fun of anything it can. A prominent and controversial figure like Donald Trump, his supporters, and his enemies are automatic butts of jokes, political cartoons, and memes. The dog world took it upon itself to #TrumpYourDog

potato_mctaterCredit: Instagram / @potato_mctater

The results were exactly what you’d thought it’d be. All Trump doggos pulled off his toupee in the wind look very well. Some even had ties on!

amazingdoggiesCredit: Amazing Doggies / #TrumpYourDog

Sometimes, the photos are to the T. No wind needed-this doggo has the same flip of the hair as President Trump himself. Extra points for the striped tie!

There are some that went all out in their impersonations.

chloekardoggianCredit: Instagram / @chloekardoggian

The ever-fabulous Chloe Kardoggian put on her best suit, her best Trump hair, and sat in front of the great flag of America for this shot. We think she looks brilliant, but her wig needs a little flip for it to be really Trumpy.

pixiebugstudioCredit: Instagram / @pixiebugstudio

Jack the Yorkie didn’t really need a wig for his Trump impersonation. His natural locks flare almost as much as the President’s hair does. We do have to say that Jack’s far off look can be more revering than some Presidents.

thewebbyawardsCredit: Instagram / @thewebbyawards

This fluffy Trump doppelganger is almost a spitting image of the President. We’d definitely vote for him even if he doesn’t speak our language.

theworldaccordingtonoliCredit: Instagram / @theworldaccordingtonoli

Grumpy Trumpy Doggo is one of faves because he has President Trump’s practiced serious face on. You can almost here him bark, “There will be no more fake news.”

Then there are the dogs who just kind of look like Trump.

amazingdoggies6Credit: Amazing Doggies / #TrumpYourDog

It’s literally all in the hair and how well you mess it up. For sure, President Trump probably has someone help him with his hair, but though he might be able to control America, but he can’t control the wind no matter how loud he yells!

tdogdiaryCredit: Instagram / @tdogdiary

Fluffer nugget Trump doggo has both of President Trump’s looks on both ends of the body. Unlike Trump, doggos’ fur isn’t contained to just the top of their head, so the flippy business will happen anywhere.

tanerzeeCredit: Instagram / @trumpyourdog

Happy Trump doggo does not resemble the real President Trump because the POTUS doesn’t smile this goofy. But doggo probably knows he looks silly and can change his look in a matter of a vicious head shake.

florencethecorgiCredit: Instagram / @florence.the.corgi

We have the unfortunate doggos who didn’t ask to look like the President. She was only meant to be combed, but all that extra fluff went on this Corgi’s head and then she resembled President Trump so closely that she needed a photo.

We can’t change the President or how anyone else feels about him.

amazingdoggies5Credit: Amazing Doggies / #TrumpYourDog

But we can #TrumpYourDog for the amusement of other dog-lovers on the Internet. Because sometimes we can’t take the news seriously and when we need a break, we have some funny dogs.

amazingdoggies3Credit: Amazing Doggies / #TrumpYourDog

This doggo even squints like President Donald Trump! He’s trying to be serious with his thoughts and tell the world that America will be great once again.

amazingdoggies4Credit: Amazing Doggies / #TrumpYourDog

Too bad, like his “hair”, the truth tends to sway further and further from solid foundation. It’s only a matter of time before it falls off.

bertiebarksCredit: Instagram / @bertiebarks

But for now we can only look towards improving the future with what we have. And what we have, dear friends, is a wonderful trend of #TrumpYourDog.

Please #TrumpYourDog for us!!