YouTuber DominoKati Is A True Gemini With Two Kitties

Kati, Fynn, and Bailey take on the YouTube beauty world together.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
fynnandbailey9Credit: Instagram / @fynnandbailey

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, making it on the Internet is hard work. You can’t just be present on one facet. The Internet, in its nature, is a free-flowing web that knows no borders. As much as one government may want to control it, no one really can. It’s a place where anyone can post, but not everyone can grow to online celeb status.

dominokati4Credit: Instagram / @dominokati

But, excuse my slight droning. My point is that even though everyone has opportunity to be on the Internet, not everyone has the opportunity to make it. DominoKati is a beauty YouTuber who gained her fame by posting regular beauty and lifestyle videos on her channel.

dominokati6Credit: Instagram / @dominokati

At just 21 years old, Kati has over 700 000 subscribers. Her content revolves around hairstyling, makeup, fashion, and lifestyle. The goop in her hand is for some kind of at home hack.

fynnandbailey7Credit: Instagram / @fynnandbailey

But, like her star sign Gemini, she shows her personality through her kitties! They may not be twins, but they do have the same sleeping pattern, which, in our books, is practically the same thing.

These two rule the behind the scenes while Kati produces the content.

dominokati2Credit: Instagram / @dominokati

Trying to get a good thumbnail shot with Flynn the Kitty proved to be difficult as Flynn wanted to conquer a new world – Kati’s shoulders.

dominokati3Credit: Instagram / @dominokati

Bailey, on the other hand, does not like to be disturbed for silly selfies. It’s all about taking naps for inspiration of more video ideas!

fynnandbailey2Credit: Instagram / @fynnandbailey

Plus, when Kati’s editing, she gets a live mouse pad. Bailey is soft, warm, and will play with your fingers while you edit away.

fynnandbailey3Credit: Instagram / @fynnandbailey

When it’s time to go to sleep, Bailey will hide between the sheets and lure Kati into the sleep dungeon. How could you resist that sleepy face?

Being a content creator is hard, but when you have two kitties around, it’s not as bad.

dominokatiCredit: Instagram / @dominokati

When your laptop is lagging while you’re trying to render a video, you can curb the need to smash it by kissing your kitten. #ProblemSolved

dominokati5Credit: Instagram / @dominokati

When you need to think of something blissful during a photo shoot, you have two kittens to think of! #PhotographyWin

fynnandbailey4Credit: Instagram / @fynnandbailey


Because at home, this is how Bailey waits for Kati to come back.

“You’ve been gone a long time, my friend. Sit. Tell me about your day!”

fynnandbailey5Credit: Instagram / @fynnandbailey

“Girl, I told you to sit and tell me about your day! I did not mean to take another selfie!”

A girl’s gotta do what’s she’s gotta do, Bailey!

It seems like a pretty sweet life.

dominokati7Credit: Instagram / @dominokati

A 21-year-old German girl making content she loves with two kittens she loves, could it get better than that? Maybe – but it seems awesome now!

fynnandbaileyCredit: Instagram / @fynnandbailey

Kittens are the best distraction and whine a little less than puppies. They will, however, head butt you for pats. It’s a little quieter!

fynnandbailey6Credit: Instagram / @fynnandbailey

But if a kitten looks at you on the floor like Fynn does, you’d have to have a heart of stone to resist picking him up!

fynnandbailey8Credit: Instagram / @fynnandbailey

Cat fur or no cat fur, being a cat owner has its perks. And there are double the perks when you have two of them!

Check out the cats on their Instagram @fynnandbailey and Kati @dominokati!