Scooter The Cat Proves Everyone Wrong Every Day

The way she moves around is absolutely endearing

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
scoot.buttCredit: Instagram / @scoot.butt

The best way to fill an empty entertainment shelf is to make it a Scooter home! #MillenialSolutions #EverythingIsOnlineNow #WhatAreVHSTapesAnyways

scoot.buttCredit: Instagram / @scoot.butt

Little Miss Scooter was born with paralyzed hind legs. Vets were considering euthanasia or amputation, but her family refused. Scooter proved her vets wrong by moving about in her own special way. If you haven’t guessed already, she gets around by “Scoot”-ing around. Nothing stops her from doing what she wants except she jumping – she can’t do that. Also she sits like a human! It’s the best.

scoot.butt13Credit: Instagram / @scoot.butt

Who would want to put this little kitty under even for surgery, how precious! And good thing she proved everyone wrong by scooting around.

Not all attempts are successful.

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And no matter how many times she might not get it, she’ll keep trying till she gets it! This little warrior is all about perseverance.

scoot.butt2Credit: Instagram / @scoot.butt

Legs up for grooming time! Scooter just looks like she has dancing feet no matter what – just like a synchronized swimmer!

scoot.butt3Credit: Instagram / @scoot.butt

“I can’t scoot that far outside, human, you must push me in my carriage! Maybe I can scoot around in the grass if you let me.”

scoot.butt4Credit: Instagram / @scoot.butt

“I go this far and decided it was good enough. I needed a break so I let myself have one.” We feel you, Scoot, us too.

And her legs don’t stop her from being persistent – she wakes up her human by meowing and scooting in circles until he gets out of bed. She even climbs up the ramp to meow right in his face. You tell him, Scoot!

scoot.butt5Credit: Instagram / @scoot.butt

“Come on, we’re burning daylight. Let’s go, go, go! It’s all about playing and scooting and learning how to do new things everyday.”

scoot.butt6Credit: Instagram / @scoot.butt

“Yes, how may I help you?” Her legs also amuse her human since they look detachable from her body – Robo Kitty: other parts sold separately.

scoot.butt7Credit: Instagram / @scoot.butt

What do you see, Scoot? Is it ghosts? Are you pointing towards them with your legs or are they pulling you by the legs?

scoot.butt8Credit: Instagram / @scoot.butt

Scoot-fucious giving great advice that she never lives by – it’s her way or the highway! If she had agreed with her vet, she might be missing two legs!

scoot.butt9Credit: Instagram / @scoot.butt

“Human, I climbed in here to prove that I can, but now my bottom is wet. Do you know the why? What do you mean I shouldn’t be in here?” Sometimes her ventures cause her a little trouble.

scoot.butt10Credit: Instagram / @scoot.butt

“Getting downs easier than getting up. I just have to use my front paws to stop myself from falling on my face, but I get to the ground eventually!” Do what you can just as long as your safe and you learn from your experiments, kitty.

scoot.butt11Credit: Instagram / @scoot.butt

“Is this how you hide and seek? I think this spot works.” She may have learned to move around quickly, but some other things take practice – like hiding!

scoot.butt12Credit: Instagram / @scoot.butt

“You might be wondering why I called this meeting today. There’s a problem with our living situation – I’m not getting enough treats.” At least she’s polite about it?

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