We’re In Love With Nala The Sheltie

She is all things adorable, beautiful, and fluffy.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
littleblueheartCredit: Instagram / @littleblueheart_

I’m going to start this piece with a confession: I’m not 100% sure what Nala is all about because her whole profile is in German, but I love her anyways. Nala and her human have one of the prettiest feeds on Instagram I’ve seen. It’s all warm and bright colors and Nala’s cute face will make your day. From what I could get with Google Translate, Nala is a special little Sheltie whose mom runs a blog about her and DIY style at Litte Blue Heart.

littleblueheart2Credit: Instagram / @littleblueheart_

Nala was chosen from a litter of four and her humans chose her for a first pet ever. After a lot of planning and checking off points off her lists, Nala’s mom and dad brought her home.

littleblueheart3Credit: Instagram / @littleblueheart_

I believe her mother started the blog as a new dog mom and to chronicle the ups and downs of being a dog mom. She has posts about making your own products for your dog to enjoy!

littleblueheart4Credit: Instagram / @littleblueheart_

All the while, Nala tests every product and poses with all of them for social media. What better model than your very own doggy?

Nala enjoys a life of fun experiences, love, and nature.

littleblueheart5Credit: Instagram / @littleblueheart_

She has lots of doggy friends who roll around in color with her. It makes for unique doggos, but also a confusing bath time. It’s good for a photo, though!

littleblueheart6Credit: Instagram / @littleblueheart_

Her momma wrote a DIY post about floral wreaths and made one for each of them. Then they posed for a photo on Instagram and it’s all kinds of gorgeous!

littleblueheart8Credit: Instagram / @littleblueheart_

But Nala doesn’t need to wear flowers to look beautiful. She seems to find the beautiful things outside and pose with them. She’s got a natural knack for modelling.

littleblueheart7Credit: Instagram / @littleblueheart_

But when it’s time to take a break and rest while her momma creates more useful knick kacks, Nala takes a nap with her favorite stuffy!

For more beautiful photos, follow Nala on Instagram @littleblueheart_!