Japan To Offer Cat Train Café With Rescued Cats!

Forget regular, cat cafes  take a two-hour train ride with all the kitty cuddles!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
fuku_tsumugiCredit: Instagram / @fuku_tsumugi

Sanctuary, a chain of cafés in the Gifu Prefecture, is partnering with the Yoro Railway to start a cat-themed train café for cat-lovers. Sanctuary cafés are usually filled with rescue cats, so now the kitties are able to get on the move from either Yoro Station to Ikeno Station or Ikeno Station to Ogaki Station. The two and a half hour ride will let riders have unlimited kitty cuddles, bento box lunch, treats, and unlimited travel on the Yoro Railways all day!

amaccho5160.5Credit: Instagram / @amaccho5160

For only 3000 yen or about $27 USD, you can hop on the best train ride. Some of the proceeds from your ticket purchase will go towards Sanctuary’s animal rescue operations.

natsuko_catCredit: Instagram / @natsuko_cat

Yup, you read that right. You’ll be fed, transported, and accompanied by all the furry kitties you can imagine. Plus they can’t run away from you because you’re on a train!

hana__kitty2Credit: Instagram / @hana__kitty

The tickets sold out in one day! That’s how you know this idea was slept on for a while. Everyone loves the idea of having cats as company on trains.

Cat cafés were the first of their kind when Taiwan first opened one in the late 90s.

_joongsanCredit: Instagram / @_joongsan

They’ve spread all over the world. We even have one in Toronto called TOT the Cat Café where with a drink purchase, you can pet all the adoptable kitties you want!

kyoto_pugcafe_livingroomCredit: Instagram / @kyoto_pugcafe_livingroom

Then puppy/dog cafés started popping up in Japan too. This Pug café in Kyoto draws visitors from all over the world to snuggle with all the wrinkle loaves you can dream of.

eckleeeeeCredit: Instagram / @eckleeeee

In Hanoi, Vietnam, you can visit Meow Coffee where there are kittens to cuddle and even French Bulldog puppies. We’ve also seen some Pugs in the mix too!

hedgehogcafe_ropponCredit: Instagram / @hedgehogcafe_roppongi

In Roppongi and Harajuku, there are even HEDGEHOG cafés. Any animal you love, you can probably have some snacks and a coffee with in Asia. We need more of these all over the world.

These cafés don’t just exist to entertain animal lovers and tourists.

suzume0513Credit: Instagram / @suzume0513

Like a double-edged sword (not to kill, but to help), these cafés raise awareness of the importance of adopting animals who are in need of happy homes. They give the opportunity for hopeful adopters to bond with the animals they meet.

hana__kittyCredit: Instagram / @hana__kitty

The cats at Sanctuary cafés are mostly rescues and found temporary havens at the cafés. But with public exposure, people are able to see how friendly these kittes are and can potentially take them home!

suzume0513.2Credit: Instagram / @suzume0513

Who knows, maybe a die-hard dog lover will visit the cat train or a cat café and fall in love with a kitty. A purring kitten will melt anyone’s heart.

amaccho5160.2Credit: Instagram / @amaccho5160

Any kitty would be this excited to go home with a friendly human! But, most kitties might a little too proud to show this much emotion. They’ll leave that to their puppy counterparts.

We think this is a purrfect pair of business and adoption!

amaccho5160.4Credit: Instagram / @amaccho5160

It’s a great idea to bond a commercial business of friendly café hopping with potential adoption opportunities. If you think you don’t have anything in common with a cat, you might find SOMETHING by hanging out with them – napping is one thing!

amaccho5160.3Credit: Instagram / @amaccho5160

And there’s probably a potential cat for at least one person out of the many visitors to these animal cafés. Cats and people don’t just come in one personality type and there will probably be a fit for all.

bonnienclydekittiesCredit: Instagram / @bonnienclydekitties

Maybe you’re a grumpy person who needs a Grumpuss in your life. At a cat café you might be able to find that Grumpuss!

willherringCredit: LikeTheFish / Will Herring

Cats definitely beat taking the train with just people. People snore, talk on the phone too long, chew too loud, or do questionable things on the train. Cats probably just fall asleep on your lap and leave their fur behind.

Cat trains are a win for us. What do you think?