Jessica Alba Suffers Another Dog Loss – RIP Bowie

All dogs go to heaven – Bowie leaves behind a beautiful family.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
jessicaalba3Credit: Instagram / @jessicaalba

Another tragedy strikes Jessica Alba and her family. Two weeks after losing her Pug, Sid, Jessica Alba lost her second doggy, Bowie. Posting several photos of her daughters cuddling with Bowie, Jessica wrote out her feelings on Instagram after losing two of her precious dogs in two weeks. She said, “Came home to a dog-less home – our sweet girl Bowie is now resting in peace with her sister Sidders. ? it’s been a rough two weeks. Will cherish our last night cuddling forever. ? Bowmeister was the sweetest love bug. RIP Bowie”

jessicaalba8Credit: Instagram / @jessicaalba

Alba lost Sid on July 27th and Bowie passed on August 7th. Her friends, fans, and family all cherished the little cuddle bugs and passed their heartfelt sympathies to Alba.

jessicaalba4Credit: Instagram / @jessicaalba

Bowie, like Sid, followed Alba most places she was allowed. Alba made sure she covered Bowie with all the deserved kisses to her fur baby.

jessicaalba2Credit: Instagram / @jessicaalba

Her daughters, Haven and Honor, both loved Sid and Bowie like they were their actual sisters. Sid and Bowie enjoyed patiently all the games, cuddles, and kisses from the little girls.

Bowie and Sid leave behind Jessica, her husband Cash Warren, and two sisters Honor and Haven, and a baby on the way!

cash_warrenCredit: Instagram / @cash_warren

Jessica and Cash met on the set of Fantastic Four, the one way back in 2004, and married in 2008. Sid the Pug was Cash’s first pets ever and he loved her for it.

cash_warren2Credit: Instagram / @cash_warren

Their two girls Haven, on the left, and Honor spend copious time with their parents despite all of their busy schedules. They were even thrilled to announce their new sibling on the way.

cash_warren5Credit: Instagram / @cash_warren

The family’s favorite holiday is Halloween and they go all out for parties and any other celebrations. Can our readers guess these costumes??

cash_warren4Credit: Instagram / @cash_warren

Tired of always being a princess, Haven decided to be something different for one Halloween and we think she rocked the look. Next time – haunting skeletal princess avenger?

Besides being an awesome mom, wife, and actress, Jessica Alba has her own beauty line.

honest_beauty2Credit: Instagram / @honest_beauty

In the fall of 2015, Jessica launched the Honest Beauty line. All of the products are animal friendly, safe, and eco-friendly (hells yeah)!

cash_warren6Credit: Instagram / @cash_warren

Let’s face it – Jessica Alba is gorgeous. If we could only glow like her even a little bit, now we can with her makeup! (But of course, always do your research!)

jessicaalba6Credit: Instagram / @jessicaalba

The Instagram for the account both promotes the products, but the reality of beauty and how it could be a face full of makeup or just going au natural for the whole day.

jessicaalba5Credit: Instagram / @jessicaalba

Jessica’s products can be found at Target, which we don’t have anymore in Canada ?, but thank goodness there’s online shopping!

But, she’s not the only one in the family selling products.

cash_warren3Credit: Instagram / @cash_warren

Cash has his own brand of socks called Pair of Thieves for children and adults. Because what we need in life is to be rid of boring plain socks and give our feet some personality.

honest_beautyCredit: Instagram / @honest_beauty

Jessica even sometimes visits Targets and surprises customers with a free makeover with her products! It’s honest and exciting.

jessicaalba7Credit: Instagram / @jessicaalba

She still even promotes her 90s looks that are definitely coming back. Some of us can’t even bear to look at our photos from the 90s!

jessicaalbaCredit: Instagram / @jessicaalba

Jessica Alba and her family take their success and happiness with a grain of salt this week to remember their dog counterparts. Our hearts go out to them. RIP Bowie.