Maggie And Orbit Are So Excited They Never Look At The Camera

These Boston Terrier siblings are quite the troublemakers

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
maggielovesorbitCredit: @maggielovesorbit

“Stop attacking me! I didn’t snitch! Mom caught you on the table!” Siblings only turn on each other when they get caught red-pawed.

Maggie and Orbit live in sunny San Diego and according to their mother have been “codependent since birth!” But that’s just how siblings are supposed to grow up – sticking together through thick and thin. What makes these terriers so special is that in 95% of their shots that aren’t posed, at least one of them is not looking at the camera. The other thing they’re good at is bothering each other, what good is a sibling if you can’t bug them. But with all bothers, there’s a million times more love.

maggielovesorbit2Credit: @maggielovesorbit

These two are always on the beach and can’t even when they have to take a break from all the sandy mischief. Or maybe they’re napping while sitting up.

maggielovesorbit3Credit: @maggielovesorbit

“I’m not hitting her. I’m trying to fix her bow.” That’s what siblings always say when parents are trying to take a nice photo.

maggielovesorbit4Credit: @maggielovesorbit

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maggielovesorbit5Credit: @maggielovesorbit

“OMG sand everywhere! OMG let’s run to the ocean! Ahh!”

“Who cares about bath time??”

They said with no regrets, but were full of regrets at bath time.

maggielovesorbit6Credit: @maggielovesorbit

The only time they do look at their camera is when they’re in dismay about being made to wear adorable bear outfits!

maggielovesorbit7Credit: @maggielovesorbit

“Where’s the sun going?”

“I don’t know, but there’s sun in my eye.”


maggielovesorbit8Credit: @maggielovesorbit

We think they look fabulous and would definitely replace the Left Shark at any of Katy Perry’s performances. Of course, any occasion calls for a unicorn dog! And once again, they’re not looking at the camera since these hats look kind of heavy.

maggielovesorbit9Credit: @maggielovesorbit

“Sometimes I love my sister and give her kisses.” Or someone is offering treats in the background for the cute picture!

maggielovesorbit10Credit: @maggielovesorbit

“Is this break for us or for you? Are we going to sit and watch the sunset together? What’s the plan?”

maggielovesorbit11Credit: @maggielovesorbit

There’s always one who’s always interested in something else than the ‘gram. “It’s not always about likes, moooom.”

maggielovesorbit12Credit: @maggielovesorbit

“What is this littler version of me? What does it keep yapping? I just want a hug!” Meeting with other terriers is a highlight for these curious terriers.

maggielovesorbit13Credit: @maggielovesorbit

“Forget about the picture, what’s that guy doing?” And for this photo, we lost both of their attention, but for good reason!

maggielovesorbit14Credit: @maggielovesorbit

And if you get a shot where it looks cool that they’re not looking, one of them pulls a silly face. It all works out though. It’s adorable seeing what these troublemakers get up to!

maggielovesorbit15Credit: @maggielovesorbit

But you know some Instagram users practice for years trying to master the art of looking away for that candid shot, and these two terriers got it down!

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