These Best Friends Look Nothing Alike But It Doesn’t Matter

Meet a giant floof and a little wiener living it up in South Australia

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
malamutemooshCredit: Instagram / @malamutemoosh

Moosh: “I’m definitely getting this, it’s so much closer to my head.” Ginger: “Yeah, you’re going to get too excited and it’s going to bounce off your head and into my mouth!”

Fluffy Moosh aka Mooshie the Malamute lives in South Australia and has an impressive amount of followers on Instagram: over 100 thousand!! He even made it onto local news for his Internet fame. The account may be under his name, but his sister Ginger is always featured too. Their difference in size and attitude make the account that much better.

malamutemoosh2Credit: Instagram / @malamutemoosh

“See anything to chase, Ginger?” This pair’s difference in size doesn’t stop them from doing just about everything together.

malamutemoosh3Credit: Instagram / @malamutemoosh

“Strange…what are you little dogs doing…??” Moosh is a tad confused when Ginger hangs out with pups of her own stature. He must investigate. 

malamutemoosh4Credit: Instagram / @malamutemoosh

“Hah! My joke was funny…Ginge, why aren’t you laughing?” Don’t these two look like cartoon characters come to life?

malamutemoosh5Credit: Instagram / @malamutemoosh

“Hi! I’m Mooshi!” You can’t help but smile when looking into the eyes of this adorable malamute. You also want to smoosh his face and pet all his fur!

malamutemoosh6Credit: Instagram / @malamutemoosh

“And now I’m a ghoooost!!” Moosh loves playing the order sibling role. but is still very silly and playful.

malamutemoosh7Credit: Instagram / @malamutemoosh

“We wanna swim! It’s hot!” Lounging poolside is a hobby this mismatched duo can share in.

malamutemoosh8Credit: Instagram / @malamutemoosh

If only we could understand exactly what these two were thinking. She may be small but Ginger may be the boss!

malamutemoosh9Credit: Instagram / @malamutemoosh

“Do you have socks with your face on them? I do!!” Moosh’s insta fame is so real. You know you’ve made it when you have merch.

malamutemoosh10Credit: Instagram / @malamutemoosh

The awkward moment when you’re mad but neither of you want to apologize… But neither of you want to get off the bed. #stubborn

malamutemoosh11Credit: Instagram / @malamutemoosh

“Just kidding, we love each other!”

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