This Kitty Is Likely Part Vampire

He looks like a tiny menace with fierce fangs

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
loki_kittehCredit: @loki_kitteh

“What do you mean, I can’t lie down ALL day? Bring me my food!”

Kittens are adorable. They purr, they play with strings, and they rub against you. But this kitty is special for his tiny little fangs that make him look like he’s straight from the Cullen family. He looks like he’s constantly plotting your death and it’s adorable.

loki_kitteh2Credit: @loki_kitteh

“I’ll fight you.” Best to pet and feed this baby whenever they want to avoid any trouble.

loki_kitteh3Credit: @loki_kitteh

“Let me at you! I will win!” Even nap time can turn sinister. 

loki_kitteh4Credit: @loki_kitteh

“Don’t even think about putting me near the water!”

loki_kitteh5Credit: @loki_kitteh

“Ugh…You moved the bed…”

So is this a face only a mother could love, or are you smitten by this fierce kitten? We think his little angry face make him look super cute! Follow him on Instagram @loki_kitteh.