In Business News: Airport Therapy Dogs Do Their Duty

They take their responsibility seriously. They are ready for all the pats and hugs.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @airporttherapydogs

Flights are annoying. Flights from Toronto to anywhere international can be cumbersome, long, and sometimes not even worth the thought in my opinion. A direct flight to Hong Kong is 16 hours. 16! That’s basically two workdays. It hurts being in North America and being so far away from the rest of the world. The other thing that sucks about travelling, in my opinion, is the airport. I get stressed even just thinking about GOING to the airport.


Credit: Instagram / @airporttherapydogs

There’s traffic, parking, checking in, security, customs, waiting for the flight, and even getting on the flight. All that takes hours of preparation. You need to triple check that you have all the right paperwork, make sure your carry on has nothing that would be deemed a risk (because tweezers could be used for something devious), and most important: know where your passport is at all times.


Credit: Instagram / @airporttherapydogs

There are so many other variables to worry about when you’re not travelling alone. If you’re responsible for somebody else or especially a lot of somebody elses, it gets even more hectic!


Credit: Instagram / @airporttherapydogs

You can’t lose anyone. You have to make sure everyone has their paperwork, is fed, and accounted for. The airport is where stress goes to foster.

But someone has found a solution to relieve the stress.


Credit: Instagram / @airporttherapydogs

Airport therapy dogs – volunteers and working dogs who are trained to be patted and coddled for stress relief are available at airports for your needs.


Credit: Instagram / @airporttherapydogs

They work in teams and wear vests that say, “Pet Me!” because sometimes that’s all you need when you got stuck in a 5-hour layover. The lights are always on at airports and it’s not always comfortable.


Credit: Instagram / @airporttherapydogs

But when there are doggies both big and small available for petting, you can probably pass the time in a positive way with a positive buddy who probably doesn’t even know what stress is!


Credit: Instagram / @airporttherapydogs

As you try not to explode over the frustrating lines and regulations at the airport, a therapy dog is available to melt in front of you feet to melt your stress away.

And these furry friends are there every step of the way.


Credit: Instagram / @airporttherapydogs

Don’t see the light at the end of the very long check in line? A fluffy and scruffy, well-dressed pup is ready to help you at the end of it. She might not be able to help you lift your luggage, but she will be there for rewarding licks and kisses!


Credit: Instagram / @airporttherapydogs

Looking for your waiting area? Don’t get stressed trying to find it, a fluffy dog is there for you to re-orient your mission. Pat away, my friends!


Credit: Instagram / @airporttherapydogs

Waiting to board? Tired of people crowding the door? A therapy dog is there for distraction and all the neck and ear scratching you can offer!


Credit: Instagram / @airporttherapydogs

And when you’re finally on the flight and you’re lucky enough for first class, your bonus pup is there to make sure you’re A-OK during the long, long flight.

Because that’s what dogs do best – comfort us in times of need.


Credit: Instagram / @airporttherapydogs

People and pups with the heart to help people in stressful situations is what make these programs thrive. The dogs need to share their positive vibes and travellers need them.


Credit: Instagram / @airporttherapydogs

The Calgary Marathoner’s had helpful and eager puppers awaiting their arrival. It’s hard work training for a marathon! Sometimes you need a dog to lick your ears.

Credit: Instagram / @dfwairport

Sometimes you need to stop worrying and take a selfie with a therapy dog. Dog photos make your day and your followers’ day. It’s a win-win!


Credit: Instagram / @dfwairport

We’ve heard a lot of bad news with some airlines. Sometimes we need to see the other side – the fluffy and smiling side of travelling!