Love Staffies? Love Men? Love Tattoos? We Got You.

Happy Thirsty Thursday, Get Leashed fam – we have your new favorite dude to follow on Insta!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
king_andy89.14Credit: Instagram / @king_andy89

Arguably, a lot of people you bump into online or in real life probably have a thing for puppies and pizza. And if you both like men with tattoos, that’s a plus for your friendship. Andy Wray is a definite hot guy with two dogs. He’s a model and loves fitness and travelling. He lives in sunny Australia, so you know, the country/continent where shirts are definitely optional if you don’t work a 9-5. He has two beautiful blue Staffies, Kleo and Kosta, and he treats them like his babies. There’s no obvious significant other in his photos, so if you’re in his area 👀 …

king_andy89.2Credit: Instagram / @king_andy89

Andy’s Instagram feed is the perfect balance of shirtless photos, fashion photos, and puppy photos. He doesn’t overwhelm his followers with too much of the other and that’s good thinking!

king_andy89Credit: Instagram / @king_andy89

But for our research purposes, we curated the best pup and Andy photos for you because that’s what we’re about. Hot gu-adorable puppies!

king_andy89.3Credit: Instagram / @king_andy89

We don’t know what’s better on his feed. His Staffies aka Pitties are just so beautiful and friendly looking and we just want to curl up with them because they look so cuddly and friendly. (We’re glaring at you BSL!)

These dogs literally look like they’re smiling at the time.

king_andy89.4Credit: Instagram / @king_andy89

The Staffy with the speckled chest is older brother Kosta. Kosta and Andy are homies for life and like any dudebros, they like to sit on the patio and show off their chests. No complaints here!

king_andy89.5Credit: Instagram / @king_andy89

This happy bunny look a like is Kleo. She’s Andy’s baby girl and you know that because she always “laughs” at her dad’s jokes. That’s when you know the love is real.

king_andy89.7Credit: Instagram / @king_andy89

Andy’s babies follow him anywhere they can. A ride on the truck either means an excellent walkie or a trip to the vet. The gamble is worth the ride.

king_andy89.8Credit: Instagram / @king_andy89

These Staffies don’t understand that there are two sides to Andy and will fight over being on right side. But, that’s the best way to terrorize your sibling and get in the selfie!

There are endless opportunities to go outside and enjoy the sunshine in Australia.

king_andy89.9Credit: Instagram / @king_andy89

Even though Kosta could be running around and getting rid of his zoomies, he’s decided to sit by Andy’s side and remind him he loves him so much!

king_andy89.10Credit: Instagram / @king_andy89

There are times when he’s too tired to smile that hard so Andy makes do and goes down to Kosta’s level to let him know he loves him even when he’s a grumpy doggo.

king_andy89.11Credit: Instagram / @king_andy89

Kleo’s ears are always up because she’s trying to find out where the snackies are. She needs to eat all the time you see. She has no time for shenanigans.

king_andy89.12Credit: Instagram / @king_andy89

We don’t know who has the spotlight in this photo. Kosta is in the foreground with one of the most magnificent bleps we’ve seen. But, Andy’s eyes are piercing through our souls!

These three make such a beautiful family it’s giving us all the feels.

king_andy89.13Credit: Instagram / @king_andy89

Kosta wasn’t sure what Andy brought home when he brought his new baby sister. He forgot that he was once that size and didn’t know what to do with her!

king_andy89.15Credit: Instagram / @king_andy89

Puppy Kleo and sleepy Kosta don’t care for selfies when they’re on the bed. Kleo is still looking for something to munch on!

king_andy89.6Credit: Instagram / @king_andy89

And she’s been like that since she was a wee pup.

“Yes, Dad, these cuddles are all fun and dandy, but Kosta is bored and I’m hungry. Let’s go fix that!”

king_andy89.16Credit: Instagram / @king_andy89

This tight knit fam are ready to do anything together. And that includes keeping Andy in great shape. You don’t look like that by just sitting around!

Follow Andy on Instagram @king_andy89 to appreciate his ab–er–Staffies!