“dOGUMENTA” Art Exhibit Opened In New York For Dogs Only

All the pretentious dogs loved it except they couldn’t eat anything.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
emilyhappywiseCredit: Instagram / @emilyhappywise

“dOGUMENTA” was a free exhibit at Brookfield Place for dogs to ponder critically the other purposes of treats and toys other than snacking and stomping. The art pieces from 10 local artists provided New York dogs to experience the art pieces using scent, sound, color, and touch. A play off “Documenta”, an art exhibit in Germany that happens every five years, “dOGUMENTA” is the first of its kind to engage in our furry friends.

clairemilliganartistCredit: Instagram / @clairemilliganartist

Jessica Dawson, a New York art critic, brings her own pup Rocky the Mortie to other galleries like the Gagosian or Pace. She noticed that Rocky would excitedly head towards certain pieces.

fiona_purvesCredit: Instagram / @fiona_purves

From his excitement, Dawson comments the humans should take of our dog’s curiosity. Their sensibility is different and new to us – so it’s a direction that we should follow.

hadleyclaystudioCredit: Instagram / @hadleyclaystudio

Dawson said during in a launch event, “Art is best viewed by staying curious, being fearless, loving despite any limitations, not worrying about trends, and going with your gut.”

The dogs who went to the exhibit were not disappointed at all.

hollypiestudiosCredit: Instagram / @hollypiestudios

There was a triangle-shaped doggy pool, a portrait of the inventor of dog biscuits (MADE OF BUICUITS!), dog housed-shaped spaces, and portraits that bark at you when you walk by.

jesuswasadogCredit: Instagram / @jesuswasadog

Dawson claims that an exhibit like “dOGUMENTA” sparks a conversation that is inclusive of all species. Maybe there will be a cat-directed exhibit sometime soon.

makikoartCredit: Instagram / @makikoart

But, for now, “dOGUMENTA” will be the starting point in engaging man’s best friend in critical thinking. Instead of following you, you get to follow your dog’s intuition and see art in a new perspective.

roaming.togetherCredit: Instagram / @roaming.together

As we step further from “po-mo” or postmodernism into another post-postmodernism, we start to see art separate from humans all together.

Art is moving away from human-centered ideology to interspecies inclusivity.

sandrinerdetCredit: Instagram / @sandrinerdet

Yes, different things have been our muses over the years, but there is such a strong presence of dog-loving and appreciation, we have moved to creating art for them.

sjacobeeCredit: Instagram / @sjacobee

Art can be seen as an expression of love and how much more can we love man’s best friend outside of welcoming them into our homes?

sjacobee2Credit: Instagram / @sjacobee

At Get Leashed, we can see that as more niche-markets grow, the market almost leeches on our muses. It has moved from the free market of the Internet to the niche-market of art critics.

sjacobee3Credit: Instagram / @sjacobee

We have moved from object pop art a la Andy Warhol, and have gone back to our hearts, arguably. Like Leonardo who painted his heartbreaks and anguish and love with nature, current artists are using niche-communities to speak to our values.

In such a time where everything seems to be at a breaking point, we look to the art to see where our hearts truly are.

sjacobee4Credit: Instagram / @sjacobee

And in the dog-art community, we focus on the innocence and the purity of dogs. Dogs learn from us to love and appreciate and in turn, we create art pieces.

sjacobee5Credit: Instagram / @sjacobee

From standard $2 stickers from your corner store, to funny photos on the Internet, “dOGUMENTA” stands for more than just an art exhibit for dogs.

sjacobee6Credit: Instagram / @sjacobee

In our opinion, it brings hope at the brink of a storm. A lesson to learn from appreciating our muses is that even if we don’t think they understand the artistic piece, they understand our presence.

dogboyinfoCredit: Instagram / @dogboyinfo

So, maybe exhibits like “dOGUMENTA” will pop up all over the world and we can take off our pretentious guises to actually appreciate the subject of the pieces.