“dOGUMENTA” Art Exhibit Opened In New York For Dogs Only

All the pretentious dogs loved it except they couldn’t eat anything.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
emilyhappywiseCredit: Instagram / @emilyhappywise

“dOGUMENTA” was a free exhibit at Brookfield Place for dogs to ponder critically the other purposes of treats and toys other than snacking and stomping. The art pieces from 10 local artists provided New York dogs to experience the art pieces using scent, sound, color, and touch. A play off “Documenta”, an art exhibit in Germany that happens every five years, “dOGUMENTA” is the first of its kind to engage in our furry friends.

clairemilliganartistCredit: Instagram / @clairemilliganartist

Jessica Dawson, a New York art critic, brings her own pup Rocky the Mortie to other galleries like the Gagosian or Pace. She noticed that Rocky would excitedly head towards certain pieces.

fiona_purvesCredit: Instagram / @fiona_purves

From his excitement, Dawson comments the humans should take of our dog’s curiosity. Their sensibility is different and new to us – so it’s a direction that we should follow.

hadleyclaystudioCredit: Instagram / @hadleyclaystudio

Dawson said during in a launch event, “Art is best viewed by staying curious, being fearless, loving despite any limitations, not worrying about trends, and going with your gut.”

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