Guess How Many Rescue Dogs Selena Gomez Has

More reasons to love this American sweetheart

By Catalina Barrios
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Who doesn’t remember seeing Selena Gomez in one of Disney’s most successful TV shows, “Wizards of Waverly Place”? We have seen her tour around the world with her sold out concerts and also saw her on and off relationship with Justin Bieber.

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At 25 years old, this popular singer and actress, who held the record for most liked photo on Instagram ever, wants her fans to know about a part of her life that is very special to her. No it’s not her famous boyfriends or bff Taylor Swift, but her love for rescuing dogs! Like, many, many dogs!

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Some may think that because she is famous and rich, she can easily afford to pay thousands of dollars for a dog but she chooses another, very special route, which is to rescue dogs. She says it makes sense to get a rescue dog since there are so many in need of a lovable home.  Makes sense to us!

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Meet Selena Gomez’s beautiful pooches who have captured her heart:

1. Wallace

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Wallace came from a shelter and had parvo, a very contagious viral illness that affects dogs, and was extremely sick when he was adopted. Selena says he is very smart and athletic and enjoys playing fetch with a tennis ball. Selena knows not to give up on an animal!

2. Fina

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Fina was found by Selena’s mom in her parking lot. When she found her, Fina was extremely skinny and recovered fast after taken to the vet. She was also full of fleas and ticks. Poor dog, but thankfully she was rescued and given the home she deserved.

Selena says Fina is a total “diva” because she won’t go to bed without her pillow and blanket. 

3. Chazz

selenagomezCredit: Selena Gomez Blogspot

Selena met Chazz while shooting the Wizards of Waverly Place movie in Puerto Rico. As soon as she saw him she felt in love with him and decided to bring him home. He followed her everywhere she goes – who wouldn’t!

4. Baylor


Selena adopted Baylor, a husky mix dog, while she was on a trip in Canada with her ex, the world famous Canadian Justin Bieber. Baylor was in an animal shelter and Selena said she adopted him because she missed her 5 dogs back home!

5. Chip

righteoushoundCredit: Righteous Hound

Selena’s special little friend was adopted from a shelter. She says he is a dog who wants to be loved all the time, he just needs someone to be close.

6. Willie

Channel42Credit: Channel 42

This beautiful labrador retriever was abandoned when his owners moved. He was taken to a nearby shelter by Selena’s stepfather. After approximately 10 days, the shelter called and shaid that Willie was going to be euthanized. Selena said she wasn’t going to allow this and adopted Willie. She says he is gentle and very loveable.

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Other than adopting a lot of rescue doggos, Selena Gomez invests her time and money with the @WeMovement. WE is an organization that empowers youth to change the world. Selena hosted this year’s event!

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When she’s not adopting doggies in need or singing or acting, she’s spending time with the Weeknd AKA Abel. Selena’s SO’s are goals, TBH.

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Do you have a favorite celeb who practices #AdoptDontShop? Let’s hear it!