Love Boys? Love Berners? Michael And Bruno Are The Boys For You!

We can’t help but fall in love with these boys.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
michael_perdacherCredit: Instagram / @michael_perdacher

If you’re anything like me, then you probably like to live vicariously through other people’s lives through their photos on Instagram. And if you’re also like me who cannot afford a furry friend (yet), you just love everyone else’s dog in real life and online. But I don’t just use the Internet to love other people’s dogs. I go on for inspiration, whether if it’s for places to eat, places to visit, places to shop, or places for coffee. People who are super into their feed know exactly what they’re doing when their posting their golden shot on Insta.

michael_perdacher2Credit: Instagram / @michael_perdacher

And Michael Perfacher of Austria and his beautiful Berner Bruno post photos that show off Michael’s fashion (or lack of fashion when he’s shirtless –eyes), his lifestyle, and most importantly, his puppies!

michael_perdacher3Credit: Instagram / @michael_perdacher

How could you resist living vicariously through this guy? He has his arms full of puppies! Plus if you’re looking for some tattoo ideas, he has those too.

michael_perdacher4Credit: Instagram / @michael_perdacher

Coffee in one hand and a puppy in the other is exactly how I would want to start off my morning. The nicely carved arms and dog singlet are a bonus.

Michael and his pups look like they’re never sad and it makes us happy!

michael_perdacher5Credit: Instagram / @michael_perdacher

Just look how happy Bruno is being next to his human. He looks like a fluffy human best friend and who needs people when you have your dog anyways??

michael_perdacher6Credit: Instagram / @michael_perdacher

What’s a better way to spend a day other than chilling in your bare necessities with a puppy in your arms and two more dogs by your side? We can’t think of any.

michael_perdacher7Credit: Instagram / @michael_perdacher

It’s as if Michael doesn’t go anywhere without a dog by his side or a puppy in his arms. That’s exactly how I want to live my life.

michael_perdacher8Credit: Instagram / @michael_perdacher

Sometimes when it’s time to take a walk with your pup, you just grab whatever is on the floor because it’s just easier. But Michael takes looking his best seriously and looks fine AF walking Bruno.

Bruno is a natural beauty, but he does love Michaels #OOTDs.

michael_perdacher9Credit: Instagram / @michael_perdacher

Fall walks mean light jackets and Michael is killing it. Even Bruno can’t take his eyes off his human.

michael_perdacher10Credit: Instagram / @michael_perdacher

It might be icy here around Michael and Bruno, but Michael’s winter look is –lit-. Excuse my corniness, but he could probably melt all those icicles with just a touch.

michael_perdacher12Credit: Instagram / @michael_perdacher

The snow stops for no one. Michael and Bruno will trek through whatever weather to get their daily exercise in. Plus, it’s an opportunity to make yellow snow, for Bruno, of course.

michael_perdacher14Credit: Instagram / @michael_perdacher

You must take every opportunity to pose for a photo when the setting is right. And Bruno was born a model, so this comes easy to him.

At the end of the day it’s back to relaxing and to do that, Michael grabs a puppy.

michael_perdacher13Credit: Instagram / @michael_perdacher

Time to soak up the sun with Bruno and one of the puppies. The puppy looks like concerned about being lifted so high and the new surroundings, but we think it’ll be okay.

michael_perdacher16Credit: Instagram / @michael_perdacher

Puppies need a lot of naps and Michael is a huge supporter of puppies and naps. A sleeping puppy is a less wriggly puppy. So, pet away!

michael_perdacher11Credit: Instagram / @michael_perdacher

Best friends stick together so Michael and Bruno do just that. It pays to have such a happy dog around even if it’s just on social media!

michael_perdacher15Credit: Instagram / @michael_perdacher

If you love Michael and Bruno as much as us, give them a follow on Michael’s Instagram @michael_perdacher!