Jennifer Lawrence Calls Out A Pap For Trying To Pet Her Dog

JLaw makes it clear: ask before you pet

By Catalina Barrios
ABCnewsCredit: ABC News 

She has been in movies like The Hunger Games, X-Men, Winter’s Bone and won an Oscar for her role in Silver Lining’s Playbook. Every movie she’s in becomes a total hit in Hollywood.

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According to Forbes, Jennifer Lawrence is one of the highest paid actresses in the world, earning $46 million in 2016 mostly thanks to the profits from the final Hunger Games installment.


At 27 years old, she has been in Hollywood top lists and is also known for her personal and red carpet style, plus he support of charitable organizations. She also is a proud mom of a chihuahua named Pippi Lawrence Stocking. You can always count on celebs for  creative names for their children and pets.

PippiLawrenceCredit: Twitter / @PippiLawrence 

As parents we do everything for our kids to ensure they are safe. The last thing I want is my son to be in danger. I feel I am very patient, but if someone were to harm my son, I am not sure how patient I could be.

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