Jennifer Lawrence Calls Out A Pap For Trying To Pet Her Dog

JLaw makes it clear: ask before you pet

By Catalina Barrios
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She has been in movies like The Hunger Games, X-Men, Winter’s Bone and won an Oscar for her role in Silver Lining’s Playbook. Every movie she’s in becomes a total hit in Hollywood.

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According to Forbes, Jennifer Lawrence is one of the highest paid actresses in the world, earning $46 million in 2016 mostly thanks to the profits from the final Hunger Games installment.


At 27 years old, she has been in Hollywood top lists and is also known for her personal and red carpet style, plus he support of charitable organizations. She also is a proud mom of a chihuahua named Pippi Lawrence Stocking. You can always count on celebs for  creative names for their children and pets.

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As parents we do everything for our kids to ensure they are safe. The last thing I want is my son to be in danger. I feel I am very patient, but if someone were to harm my son, I am not sure how patient I could be.

Paparazzi recently saw a side they weren’t expecting from The Hunger Games star.

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Jlaw has taught paps to think twice before you approach a Hollywood star’s pet as you don’t want to face what happened here. What is the first thing you do when you want to pet someone’s dog?

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I will ask first for the owner’s permission before petting the dog. I am sure you will do the same. This wasn’t the case for a photographer who will always remember the incident he had with Jennifer Lawrence.

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The Hollywood actress, as every parent is, is very protective with her kids, in her case with her dog, Pippi. As she was leaving Los Angeles Airport, she was approached by paparazzi. Well, everywhere she goes she is followed by many photographers who want to get their best shot. I wouldn’t want to be followed everywhere and deal with camera flashes and people asking me questions all day. I guess this is the price famous people have to pay for being a stars.


The TMZ videographer asked the actress: “Have you been scared off flying private for good now?”. This is because of an incident she had recently when the private plane she was one had to make an emergency landing while it was en route to take her to her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Lawrence ignored the videographer’s question. What happened next made this day one to be remembered…

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Everything seemed to be ok until the TMZ employee reached down to pet her dog Pippi.

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As soon as she saw that the videographer was trying to pet her beloved Pippi, she turned around, held the dog in her arms and before getting into the car waiting for her, she said: “Don’t touch my dog you f****** loser.”

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Wow! It was definitely a response the videographer wasn’t expecting. Some may think Lawrence was a bit rude while others may say all she was doing was protecting her puppy. She obviously didn’t appreciate someone petting her dog without her permission.

This is the TMZ employee telling his colleagues what happened.

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