The Fate Of The Abused TTC Subway Dog

Viral video of a woman abusing her dog on the subway brought change to the dog’s life.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
CBCTorontoCredit: Twitter / @CBCToronto

A woman biting and striking her dog shocked riders on the Toronto Transit Commission Subway in Canada. While some bystanders did not know what to do, one onlooker, Roxy Huang, recorded a video of the woman and her dog. In the video, a man says, “You’ve got to stop hitting your dog,” when the train was stopped and the emergency alarm went off. The woman responded with expletives. It is important to note that the woman did seem to be under some sort of influence.

torontopoliceCredit: Instagram / @torontopolice

Authorities answered the call, but only let the woman off with a warning since there were no visible signs of trauma to the dog.

cupe5089Credit: Instagram / @cupe5089

Roxy Huang, the bystander who recorded the video, did not see authorities after leaving the subway so she uploaded the video on YouTube.

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Many Torontonians recognized the subway at Line 2 at St. George Station and were appalled by the woman’s behavior to her dog and the fact that no one “did anything”.

News stations, radio stations, and people shared the video all over the Internet.

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The Toronto Transit has a daily ridership of over 2.7 million. At peak times, it is difficult to switch from line to line with so many people in the way.

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At the same time, it is unsurprising to see something that would make you raise your eyebrows from time to time. Or you can even count on seeing cute doggos joining their humans on their daily travels.

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When this video went viral, the response from both Torontonians and dog-lovers was a mixed bag. However, by the end of it all, most people agreed that the authorities should have taken the dog away from the woman.

ttcinstaCredit: Instagram / @ttcinsta

Others complained that the police and bystanders didn’t do enough. Some viewers even claimed they would rip the dog out of the woman’s arms (we don’t recommend that!).

After a few days of virality, people pushed for the attention of the OSPCA (Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals).

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Alison Cross, spokeswoman for the OSPCA, said that the OSPCA executed a search warrant and said there were charges pending on the woman in the family.

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Thus led further investigation from the police who notified the OSPCA to open an investigation. The OSPCA brought the dog to a veterinarian for a check up.

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The Chinese Crested was doing well and looked very happy in the arms of the OSPCA staff. People who had seen the video were pleased with the quick and helpful response.

dillteaCredit: Instagram / @dilltea

This course of events prove that even though observers thought the people on the subway were participating in the bystander effect, they were wrong.

It also proves the Canadian kindness stereotype!

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There are so many people riding public transit to get to Point A to Point B, but on the way it is impossible to go without some sort of problem like construction, technical failures, or even just people failures.

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Toronto transit riders may complain about the rides, but we still use it. And we get to strange and cool things and we even encounter opportunities to act.

theweekndCredit: Instagram / @theweeknd

Roxy Huang, although fearful of the lady abusing the dog, acted by recording the video for evidence that eventually led an investigation.

champagnepapiCredit: Instagram / @champagnepapi

The Weeknd and Drake are not always here to “run the 6ix”, so we must step up, especially if there are animals in need!