Dog Mom Spotlight: Stacy And Her Barbets!

Dog mom, photographer, macaroon baker – Stacy does it all!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
theamericanbarbet3Credit: Instagram / @theamericanbarbet

Stacy Able has two passions that go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s photography and puppies! She breeds Barbet dogs and takes gorgeous photos of them. The ones she keeps are American Kennel club certified show dogs. Even without their certifications, they’re roly poly fluffer nuggets that look super cuddly. When she’s not taking care of all her fluffy babies or taking photographs, she’s baking cupcakes and macaroons. Basically, she’s living the life a lot of us dream of.

theamericanbarbet2Credit: Instagram / @theamericanbarbet

Stacy lives in Indiana with her husband and heaps of dogs. She travels regularly with and without her dog posse for photography opportunities like weddings!

stacyable2Credit: Instagram / @stacyable

On her off time, she watches her husband transform their house in Indianapolis into their dream home. She and the doggies aren’t much help with the work, but give all their support! #TeamEffort

stacyableCredit: Instagram / @stacyable

Stacy also finds the time for trekking out in the nature for the fantastic shots and to appreciate nature’s beauty. On the way, she makes other doggy friends that she must sit and pet and take a photo with!

She seems to make an animal friend anywhere she goes.

stacyable3Credit: Instagram / @stacyable

Wedding photographer, schmedding photographer – if there’s a dog to be held, Stacy’s got her hands on it. This Chinese Crested is in good hands and the camera is now a selfie camera!

stacyable4Credit: Instagram / @stacyable

Dogs are the best, but kitties are a close second (we’re a little bias). Either way, Stacy always has room to cuddle with any kitties that she meets.

stacyable6Credit: Instagram / @stacyable

When she can travel with her fluff babies, she brings them! Here she is standing on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls with some of her Barbet babies.

stacyable8Credit: Instagram / @stacyable

But then it’s back to work on editing and the best part is having a personal body pillow who snuggles you back!

Puppies are the best therapy and they always surround Stacy!

stacyable11Credit: Instagram / @stacyable

Stacy may have forgotten the usual necessities of a picnic, but we think she made do with what she had. We’d totally join that puppy party!

stacyable12Credit: Instagram / @stacyable

Some grand-puppies come to visit Stacy and she always takes the chance to give them all the cuddles they’ve missed since they went on their own adventures!

stacyable9Credit: Instagram / @stacyable

Some people use filters when they want to up their selfie game, but Stacy uses newborn puppies to up hers! So precious!

theamericanbarbetCredit: Instagram / @theamericanbarbet

If you had your dogs since they were puppies, you already know that it’s always a struggle to hold them like babies as they grow older. Soon, they get too big for your one arm and you’ll need two!

And Barbet’s are just so beautiful and friendly. You need them on your feed!

stacyable7Credit: Instagram / @stacyable

In our opinion, they look like fluffier Poodles or curly-haired Newfies. And we’re kind of right – Barbets are water doggies that were bred for hunting. They have webbed feet!

stacyable10Credit: Instagram / @stacyable

They’re fun and friendly and a medium-sized dog. They interact well with children, other pets, and they’re hypoallergenic!

stacyable13Credit: Instagram / @stacyable

Barbets are good at any sport. And according to the American Kennel Club, we were right! They’re the ancestors of the poodle, bichon, AND Newfoundland!

stacyable5Credit: Instagram / @stacyable

And Stacy gets to spend every day with at least three! All the love and support to her and her gorgeous pups! For more photos, follow her on Instagram @stacyable.