Thor The Bengal Cat Is Just Like A Mini Tiger AND Cheetah

Imagine having a wild cat as your house cat

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @bengalthor

Thor looks like a tiny tiger from the front.

bengalthor1Credit: @bengalthor

Bengal kitties are exotic kitties. They can grow to be much larger than your average house cat, but they’re pretty domestic. Their most attractive feature is the fierceness of their eyes and of course their fur! 

bengalthor2Credit: @bengalthor

This ball of miniature fierceness lives in Belgium with his servant, ahem, human. 

bengalthor3Credit: @bengalthor

Since he resembles his distant cousins who rule the jungle, he tries to rule the household. Even so much to hop on the porcelain throne.

bengalthor4Credit: @bengalthor

Although his eyes, ears, and coloring are much more exotic than domestic kitties, he can commonly be found doing house cat things, like snuggling and lounging.

bengalthor5Credit: @bengalthor

He’s not afraid to let his roar be known!

bengalthor6Credit: @bengalthor

“We’re going to share, right?”

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a mini tiger/cheetah lookalike in your home? For more photos of this gorgeous cat, follow Thor on Instagram @bengalthor!