Mr. Potato McTator The Shih Tzu Is What You Need In Your Life Right Now

Dogs dressed as food is one of life’s small joys.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
potato_mctater2Credit: Instagram / @potato_mctater

The potato. Potatoes are the starch filled food that are the basis of many amazing meals. Potatoes can be baked, chopped, fried, mashed, scalloped – you name it. There are so many options when it comes to eating a potato. But arguably, the best version of potatoes is French fries. They can be curly, straight, shaped like happy faces, or straight out of the red box (think of a golden arch). This fabulous food inspired the name of one special Shih Tzu.

potato_mctaterCredit: Instagram / @potato_mctater

That special Potato is Mister Potato McTater! He’s a three-year-old Shih Tzu living in the Big Apple. This potato and apple go together like peanut butter and jelly or French fries and ketchup!

potato_mctater3Credit: Instagram / @potato_mctater

Mr. McTater has a few joys in life. Those include dressing up as food or any costume, really, and being super fluffy! The hearts surrounding his head are an understatement for how much love he really has to give.

potato_mctater4Credit: Instagram / @potato_mctater

If he’s not dressed up like the actual food, then he’s wearing it on his fancy vests. Everyone needs a fluffy Shih Tzu with a tobiko and sashimi shirt.

Potato likes to dress up as, well potatoes, and other fast foods!

potato_mctater13Credit: Instagram / @potato_mctater

He just likes to be one with his people – the potato people. He celebrates the diversity of potatoes and wants to be as golden as a French fry!

potato_mctater15Credit: Instagram / @potato_mctater

But some days, French fries aren’t enough and you just have to the patty to the hamburger. It might make him a little heavier, but he’s just that satisfying.

potato_mctater12Credit: Instagram / @potato_mctater

When he’s feeling like fancy, pre-packaged potato, Potato dresses up as the Pringles man! We think they need to replace the actual Pringles man with Potato. But then there would be redundancy.

potato_mctater14Credit: Instagram / @potato_mctater

Potato is most comfortable representing the best (arguably) potato type. He is Prince Potato French Fry through and through and we at Get Leashed recognize his majesty.

Food isn’t his only specialty, but probably his favorite.

potato_mctater6Credit: Instagram / @potato_mctater

He trades his food inspired outfits for more practical moneymaking outfits. And by money making, we mean cowboy thief protecting his bounty.

potato_mctater11Credit: Instagram / @potato_mctater

When it’s Easter time or a Wednesday, Potato likes to wear his bunny ears. But his bunny ears have a purpose – he likes to raise awareness of poor bunnies in animal testing. He urges his followers to learn and help more!

potato_mctater9Credit: Instagram / @potato_mctater

In his simple, black tee, Potato isn’t trying to be basic. He’s making a statement about black dogs and the difficulty they have being adopted. Potato doesn’t see color and he doesn’t think you should either!

potato_mctater16Credit: Instagram / @potato_mctater

Because to Potato, love is love! His greatest love is his humans and food, but he also loves everyone that follows him on the Internet! We love Mr. McTater.

Potato takes every opportunity to represent his greatest love.

potato_mctater10Credit: Instagram / @potato_mctater

A walkie isn’t a walkie if you don’t have a message to send everyone. Potato’s message to the people and doggos that pass by is that he’s a hot dog all the time!

potato_mctater5Credit: Instagram / @potato_mctater

It’s not a real birthday if you’re not a part of the cake. Potato took a break from being a French fry and tried being life’s second best food – cake!!

potato_mctater7Credit: Instagram / @potato_mctater

When life gives Potato lemons, he tries them! After realizing that they’re sour, he plays fetch with them. (Not factual, we assume it’s a ball!)

potato_mctater8Credit: Instagram / @potato_mctater

It gets tiring being that cute and fluffy. After a long day showing off his great #OOTDs, Potato takes a ride back him in his human’s bag.

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