This Couple Will Make You Want To Dress Better, Travel More, Plus Rescue A Pup

Lived in 10 countries, visited over 52, making this couple travel goals

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
ariannestraveljournal16Credit: Instagram / @ariannestraveljournal

Arianne and Gian look like they have the perfect life. From their starting points in California and Rome, the couple have made the world their home. From Egypt to Rome to Greece, and back to America, the couple barely stay in one place for long. There is too much world for them to see and absorb for them to stay dormant. And on the way, they take gorgeous photos of their travel, food, and their rescue pup, Jean Michael! Their life seems perfect to those bitten with wanderlust. Plus, they’re planning their wedding in Italy! #Goals.

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Arianne maintains their blog on her site Arianne’s Travel Journal, her Instagram feed @ariannestraveljournal, and partners with brands who sponsor some of her content.

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The travel bug doesn’t just bite these two. It lives in them! Their passion in life is to find the most ideal travel spots outside of tourist “traps”. To them, it’s about enjoying local culture and being luxurious economically (yeah, it’s a thing)!

ariannestraveljournal9Credit: Instagram / @ariannestraveljournal

But, what better to add to your travel life than a rescue dog! Their poofy little sidekick, Jean Michael lives the luxurious life with them in style.

Besides being an awesome travel blogger, Arianne is also a fashion blogger.

ariannestraveljournalCredit: Instagram / @ariannestraveljournal

Amongst the travel tips and tricks, Ari sprinkles fashion-forward looks on her trips. These fashion tips are important based on the area and time you’d visit the places she did!

ariannestraveljournal4Credit: Instagram / @ariannestraveljournal

Anything for the ‘gram is the content creator’s motto. And Ari took one for the team when she posed in this gorgeous white dress amongst the snow. #FrozenButBeautiful

ariannestraveljournal12Credit: Instagram / @ariannestraveljournal

Ari and Gian know when to take breaks and even know how to take them in style. My relaxation days look less color-coordinated and more upside-blanket and drool-like #TMI.

ariannestraveljournal15Credit: Instagram / @ariannestraveljournal

The gorgeous islands of Greece look stunning from any angle, but it looks best when you’re petting a dog. The doggo can’t pay anyone any mind because he’s admiring the view.

You know what the best part of travelling is, IMO?

ariannestraveljournal6Credit: Instagram / @ariannestraveljournal

International dogspotting! Ari and Gian get to bump into, catch a glimpse of, and pet lots of doggos all around the world! If that’s not a perk, than I don’t what is.

ariannestraveljournal14Credit: Instagram / @ariannestraveljournal

When you see a Pit Bull in the street, you run straight at the pupper and cover him with all the love he deserves. It’s travel law. I declared it.

ariannestraveljournal5Credit: Instagram / @ariannestraveljournal

Sometimes the doggos comes to you while you’re daydreaming in a field feeling the sun warm your face. Then when you open your eyes, a curious doggo is next to you hoping to eat whatever you’re holding.

ariannestraveljournal7Credit: Instagram / @ariannestraveljournal

Then when you’re back at home, you enjoy the same sun with your own doggo. Ari and Gian brought JM back to the US for the Fourth of July. They’re not sure if they’re going to be back for another one, though.

But it’s back to jet setting and sightseeing for this family.

ariannestraveljournal8Credit: Instagram / @ariannestraveljournal

There’s not enough time to stay in one spot, so it seems. With JM in tow, the two continue to visit as many countries as they can while planning their wedding in Italy.

ariannestraveljournal11Credit: Instagram / @ariannestraveljournal

Even if they aren’t on another continent, Ari and Gian make do with where they are and still find beautiful places for beautiful shots. It’s all about finding the beauty within your means!

ariannestraveljournal13Credit: Instagram / @ariannestraveljournal

When you’re standing in front of one of the Great Wonders of the world, but you can’t keep your eyes off your partner, you know you have something real.

ariannestraveljournal10Credit: Instagram / @ariannestraveljournal

So cheers to this couple who are young, in love, and adventurous. For more gorgeous photos, follow Ari on Instagram @ariannestraveljournal and her blog!