DWTS Judge Carrie Ann Inaba Is THAT Cat Lady

She’d do anything for her kitties – she even took her kitty to the vet in a ball gown!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
carrieanninaba9Credit: Instagram / @carrieanninaba

Dancing With The Stars judge, Carrie Ann Inaba doesn’t shed her fabulous attire for anything, not even a visit to the vet! In her house, there’s a two pet minimum. Living with her fiancé, Rob Derringer, Inaba has three rescue cats: Mimi, Reb, and Sophie and three dogs! Her minimum requirement comes from growing up in a house full of cats and dogs. On August 22, Inaba partnered with Royal Canin and celebrated National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day.

carrieanninaba15Credit: Instagram / @carrieanninaba

Carrie Ann’s newest furry addition is a five-month-old kitten she named Sophie. A friend of Carrie Ann’s found Sophie in the hood of a car and could not keep her.

carrieanninaba11Credit: Instagram / @carrieanninaba

So Carrie Ann welcomed Sophie to her new pet family! Reb, Carrie’s scaredy-cat, went straight to Sophie and started licking her. It was a sign of welcome and acceptance.

carrieanninaba13Credit: Instagram / @carrieanninaba

Her kitties are always up to some sort of mischief. If they’re not climbing mesh windows, hiding under couches, or taking a catnap, Carrie Ann is playing with them with their abundance of toys.

Carrie Ann loves her pets and spoils them with attention and all the toys you can imagine.

carrieanninaba8Credit: Instagram / @carrieanninaba

They eat the best, play with the best, and have the best treatment when they see the veterinarian at least once a year. They’re in pet heaven, essentially.

carrieanninaba3Credit: Instagram / @carrieanninaba

Carrie will jump right into the bathtub with her kitties if they need her. When our fur babies are sick, we will see their return to health!

carrieanninabaCredit: Instagram / @carrieanninaba

Because to Carrie Ann, her pets are her family and need all the love and attention they deserve. She rescued them for a better life and a better life they have!

carrieanninaba2Credit: Instagram / @carrieanninaba

What’s a better pair than a sleeping kitty and some sunshine? We’ll wait. It doesn’t look like this feline is moving any time soon!

Carrie prides herself for never missing a day of work.

carrieanninaba5Credit: Instagram / @carrieanninaba

She loves her pets, but she’s never taken a day off work for them. In 25 seasons, Carrie has perfect attendance. However, she will leave to tend to her pets.

carrieanninaba7Credit: Instagram / @carrieanninaba

Carrie shows the right balance between having a great passion for her work and passion for her family. There’s a time and place for everything and she does it right!

carrieanninaba6Credit: Instagram / @carrieanninaba

Carrie regularly appears on talk shows too. The most important segments are the ones featuring critters! If there’s a puppy, you can bet we’d be there too.

carrieanninaba12Credit: Instagram / @carrieanninaba

When there’s a pig in a jersey and you have the treats, you’d better know what to do! Pigs will eat anything, but Cheerios are a treat!

Carrie Ann Inaba shows that being a cat lady is not a bad thing!

carrieanninaba10Credit: Instagram / @carrieanninaba

At 49, Carrie Ann looks flawless and amazing. She’s in her prime and has all the love in the world – from her fiancé, her pets, and of course, her fans!

carrieanninaba4Credit: Instagram / @carrieanninaba

With her partner in crime, Carrie is building her career, her fur family, and kicking life’s butt! She’s our #WCW and our inspiration this week!

carrieanninaba14Credit: Instagram / @carrieanninaba

She looks her best anywhere she goes. She wore the ball gown to the vet when her kitty needed emergency surgery! She’s real trooper.

carrieanninaba16Credit: Instagram / @carrieanninaba

Carrie prioritizes her pets’ health as much as she does her own health. You don’t just stay overnight in a kennel for anybody!

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