Starlet Chloe G. Moretz Loses Two Of Her Beloved Pets This Summer

We already know how hard it is to lose one pet, but two is soul crushing.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
chloegmoretzCredit: Instagram / @chloegmoretz

Chloe Grace Moretz may not be on all of our star radars because she’s practically a baby! Okay, no, she’s 20 years old. But she might be familiar to you because she starred in Kick Ass 1 & 2, and Neighbors 2! She’s been acting since age 7 and has an impressive filmography list. She’s an active feminist, LGBT supporter, and was one of Time’s 25 Most Influential Teens.

chloegmoretz2Credit: Instagram / @chloegmoretz

Sadly, this last week she lost one of her family dogs, Isabella. At 16 years old, Isabella essentially grew up with Chloe and lived a full life being loved by the family.

chloegmoretz13Credit: Instagram / @chloegmoretz

Earlier this month, Chloe’s family lost their other dog, Fuller. Chloe’s heartfelt message on her Instagram said, “…I love you endlessly…Not a day will pass that I won’t think of you…”

chloegmoretz15Credit: Instagram / @chloegmoretz

Losing a pet is hard, but it’s even harder when you lose two pets you’ve known all your life. We send our love to the Moretz family.

Outside of her family’s pets, Chloe spends time with other four-legged friends and humans, of course!

chloegmoretz11Credit: Instagram / @chloegmoretz

In a photo shoot with Coach, Chloe was able to shoot with an adorable and tiny French Bulldog! Beautiful girls and little puppies are one way to steal people’s hearts!

chloegmoretz12Credit: Instagram / @chloegmoretz

We think Chloe and the Frenchie outshone the bag, but maybe that was the point! Look at the model Frenchie!

chloegmoretz8Credit: Instagram / @chloegmoretz

Chloe also had the opportunity to hang out with our favorite Internet Pug, @itsdougthepug! It’s not a Snap with a dog if you don’t use the puppy filter.

chloegmoretz5Credit: Instagram / @chloegmoretz

Who this Pug belongs to is a mystery, but this tiny bean shows up on her feed sometimes. There’s even a photo of ex. Brooklyn Beckham holding this baby!

As we already mentioned, Chloe is an activist for both women’s rights and LGBTQ+ rights.

chloegmoretz3Credit: Instagram / @chloegmoretz

During the election, Chloe made it obvious who she was voting for. She used #ImWithHer and posted it on social media for her millions of followers.

chloegmoretz10Credit: Instagram / @chloegmoretz

She even had donuts with Hilary Clinton! It might seem futile to post so many photos with her ideal candidate, but when you add donuts to the mix, it’s a whole different story.

chloegmoretz9Credit: Instagram / @chloegmoretz

Chloe is known to reject roles that are overtly sexualized. For her role in The Equalizer she chose to play a teenage prostitute as she felt as if the role had real meaning rather than being a plot device.

chloegmoretz6Credit: Instagram / @chloegmoretz

She also starred alongside Seth Rogen and Zac Efron in the college movie Neighbors 2 where her character creates a “different” kind of sorority that focuses on each other’s relationships and quirky parties where they dressed up as iconic historical women. (Guess who dressed up as Hilary??)

This young star uses her presence in the movie world in a way that makes her happy.

chloegmoretz16Credit: Instagram / @chloegmoretz

Since starting as a model and a child actress at the age of 7, Chloe has a lot of experience that makes her different from other 20 year olds.

chloegmoretz7Credit: Instagram / @chloegmoretz

Heck, she’s even been engaged! (Not to that guy – to Brooklyn Beckham). Though we might shoot down millennials for killing industries, this millennial is making a difference in hers.

chloegmoretz4Credit: Instagram / @chloegmoretz

We think Chloe represents a change in this generation’s young stars. With the presence of partying and overspending, younger stars are using their fame and success to speak on issues that are important to them.

chloegmoretz14Credit: Instagram / @chloegmoretz

We applaud Chloe G. Moretz! But our hearts are also with her as she goes through this difficult time with the loss of her pets.