Fitness Queen Katie Crewe Has The Best Support System

Bella is the best moral support a fitspo queen can have

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
katiecrewe3Credit: @katiecrewe

But of course, she’s always there for your cheat days too. But only if you share with her – donuts are for everyone!

Katie Crewe is anything but your average gym goer. She’s a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, has a psychology degree, and loves healthy food. She has over 260 thousand followers on Instagram and her feed is healthy food, workout routines, and well-deserved progress pictures. And Katie isn’t just the “hot” girl on Instagram, on all her pictures she describes what’s she’s doing and how she’s eating and how it helps her body. She’s a helpful hot girl!

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Even on her “rest” days she’s still active and Bella is right there with her keeping up her morale.

Her kitty Bella has been a part of the entire process since she came into Katie’s life. She is featured in Katie’s videos, food photos, and photo bombs her selfies. So if you’re looking for fitsporation with a side of kitty, you’ve come to the right place!

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Apparently Bella isn’t so nice-smelling and wary of strangers, but that doesn’t stop her from learning how to stay!

katiecrewe2Credit: @katiecrewe

That awkward moment when, your huge fluffy kitty enters your fitspo selfie, making it hilarious, cute, and perfect!

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She even participates in Katie’s workouts! She’s used for squats and almost claws Crewe’s face.

katiecreweCredit: @katiecrewe

If you like healthy desserts and grumpy work out kitties, follow @katiecrewe.