Hoshie The Blind Eskie Has His Very Own Guide Dog

Hoshi and Zen are the best (and fluffiest) PAW-tners ever.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
the-fluffy-duoCredit: Instagram / @the.fluffy.duo

We all appreciate doggies for their special talents. Whether it’s being able to sit on command, get your paper, or comforting you when you cry, dogs are basically the best and we do not deserve them! A lot of dogs are actual working dogs. There are cadaver dogs that help in murder cases. There are airport security dogs who sniff out illegal substances. There are therapy dogs who know how to give people a hug to people who need it. And there are dogs who help people with many kinds of disabilities.

We see dogs wearing their vests with honor. Some dogs are able to tell signs when their humans need medical attention. And some dogs are there to see for their human.

the-fluffy-duo2Credit: Instagram / @the.fluffy.duo

But what you probably didn’t know is that there are dogs who have a seeing eye dog! Could you think of anything cuter? Hoshi the American Eskimo lost his eyes when he was 11. Fortunately for Hoshi, his humans rescued a Pomeranian, Zen, to be his eyes! On walks, they have a leash that attaches to both of them so Zen can lead the way!

the-fluffy-duo3Credit: Instagram / @the.fluffy.duo

Zen leads Hoshi to different places for him to sniff and feel. These leaves were extra crunchy and probably smelled like pumpkin spiced lattes or something (isn’t that what fall smells like??). Did we mention that they always match too?

the-fluffy-duo5Credit: Instagram / @the.fluffy.duo

Rainy days don’t stop this fluffy duo from going on walkies. And it definitely does not stop them from looking fabulous in their little raincoats!

Even when they’re not on walks, it’s as if these two are attached by the hip!

the-fluffy-duo4Credit: Instagram / @the.fluffy.duo

When Halloween comes around, you bet your doggy butt that they’re wearing costumes that go together. The best part about not having eyes is that you can wear a mask without worrying about bumping into anything – you have your seeing eye dog for that! #Win.

the-fluffy-duo6Credit: Instagram / @the.fluffy.duo

Hoshi doesn’t need to see Zen to cuddle. He reaches out for him while they sleep and it’s absolutely the sweetest relationship. We’re not crying – you are! #TrueLove 

the-fluffy-duo10Credit: Instagram / @the.fluffy.duo

Even though these two stayed in for New Year’s Eve, they still dressed up! We don’t think they made it for the countdown, though. It’s hard being a senior pup!

the.fluffy.duo2Credit: Instagram / @the.fluffy.duo

If you’re too tired to go for a walk, but still want to be outside then sitting on the porch is a good compromise! Don’t these two look handsome with their little bandanas? They seem to think so.

These two are no stranger to the outdoors – hiking, swimming, climbing, you name it! They’ve done it.

the.fluffy.duo7Credit: Instagram / @the.fluffy.duo

These two are always super excited to join their paw-rents on any adventures. Like Drake says, the motto is YOLO and these two are taking every opportunity in the summer!

the-fluffy-duo8Credit: Instagram / @the.fluffy.duo

Then when it’s near the end of fall and getting chilly, these two stick together to keep warm. Soon, they’d need more than just a pom pom scarf to keep warm!

the-fluffy-duo7Credit: Instagram / @the.fluffy.duo

Hoshi is usually the one who stays on the ground when there’s snow. Zen is too little to overcome all the snow. The chances of mini avalanches crashing down on him are high so he rides in a backpack.

the-fluffy-duo9Credit: Instagram / @the.fluffy.duo

But sometimes Hoshi wears Zen on his back! That’s what you do for your best friend! He follows the sounds of his human’s voices or even the crunch, crunch of their feet!

Hoshi doesn’t just need Zen. Zen needs Hoshi too!

the.fluffy.duo6Credit: Instagram / @the.fluffy.duo

Zen was found wandering cold and muddy around Spokane, Washington when a rescue found him. The rescue discovered that Zen was born with some health problems like an enlarged heart, pulmonary edema, narrowed trachea, and bad teeth.

the.fluffy.duo Credit: Instagram / @the.fluffy.duo

When Zen came home, his humans didn’t know how Hoshi would react. But when Zen and Hoshi met, Hoshi didn’t bark, but sniffed him with get interest!

the.fluffy.duo5Credit: Instagram / @the.fluffy.duo

Hoshi helped Zen warm up to the new home. And they became the inseparable duo that the Internet loves today.

the.fluffy.duo8Credit: Instagram / @the.fluffy.duo

Together, this adorable duo spread “PAWS-itivity” all over the world. Their videos and photos have appeared on news sites in different countries! You can’t help but feel inspired by these two cuties!

For more, follow them on their doggy adventures @the.fluffy.duo!