This Pug And Cat Duo Hiked 1500KM Across Spain

Bandito and Luigi make us feel ashamed for using the elevator over the stairs.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
pugandcatCredit: Instagram / @pugandcat

As a millennial, it is difficult to know exactly what you want to do with your life. You can follow the traditional route and get a job, save for a mortgage, a wedding, and some babies, then move to the suburbs. Or you can find a job where you don’t have to go into the office every day, travel, sight see, and fall in love. Sebastian and Finn chose to start their lives together with their pets Bandito (Pug) and Luigi (Cat). They traveled across 1500 kilometers across Spain, living in tents without any plugs or Internet! Both Dads and pets dressed for success as they documented their travels. They divided their followers between #TeamCat and #TeamDog!

pugandcat2Credit: Instagram / @pugandcat

Like any young parents, Seb and Finn brought along a stroller for their fur babies. It’s difficult for the little ones to walk and ain’t nobody carrying them 1500 KM!

pugandcat3Credit: Instagram / @pugandcat

When you take on such a trek, you always have to account for a lot of breaks. Luigi, like any cat, preferred to lie down as much as possible and soak up the sun. Bandito just wanted to run around and bark at anything that moved.

pugandcat4Credit: Instagram / @pugandcat

Some days were harder than the others. When you have to wake up with the sun, it’s hard to get moving. You can tell by their sleepy and grumpy faces! Good thing they don’t really walk all the way.

But in all honesty, these boys get a whole lot of rest done during the hikes.

pugandcat5Credit: Instagram / @pugandcat

When they’re back at home, these two go straight for the bed and assume resting positions. You’d do the same if you slept in a tent for weeks at a time!

pugandcat6Credit: Instagram / @pugandcat

Because when you eat in the wilderness, you’ve got to be smart about it. This stove may look tiny, but it fed all four mouths! #ThankYouTinyStove

pugandcat7Credit: Instagram / @pugandcat

Winter can make it difficult to venture outside. This family doesn’t shy away from challenges. Pug and cat came prepared with adorable beanies to keep their heads warm!

pugandcat8Credit: Instagram / @pugandcat

You can’t forget about Christmas even if you’re in the middle of nowhere! Bandito and Luigi showed their holiday spirit in the words with their tiny Santa hats. TBH they look a little bit more like the Grinch than Santa …

One thing for sure – this family sticks together no matter what.

pugandcat9Credit: Instagram / @pugandcat

Luigi might be reluctant to venture far, but his dads accommodate his reluctance by sticking him in the backpack. That’s the best way to travel – on the back of someone else! All the sights and none of the energy exerted #LazyTraveller

pugandcat12Credit: Instagram / @pugandcat

That’s what adventure buddies are for! It’s one thing to see beautiful sights alone, but it’s 10 times better when you share it with people or pets that you love. #BrotherlyLove

pugandcat10Credit: Instagram / @pugandcat

Sometimes it seems like these two don’t get along due to “Resting Cat Face.”

“Luigi, can we take a nice picture together?”

pugandcat11Credit: Instagram / @pugandcat

Luigi has it bad and Bandito has resting sad face and it’s all sorts of adorable!

“He said no and now he’s mad.” 

This little adventure family inspires us to grab our pets and go across a country too!


pugandcat13Credit: Instagram / @pugandcat

The first step to the adventure is to ensure that you have the right pet and know which one they are. Unfortunately it might take a couple of tries because these two are in the wrong boxes … 🤔🤔🤔

pugandcat4Credit: Instagram / @pugandcat

Back home, these two still stay together. Even though they’re at home with comfy couches and beds and blankets, they still relax the au naturel way – outside in the sun!

pugandcat3Credit: Instagram / @pugandcat

And that, my friends, is how you get your house pet(s) to love nature. Spend your lives outside and explore your surroundings. Or if that’s too much, take a nap on the grass with your pets! #YayForParks


At this point, Luigi would like to remind you what team he would like you to be on – Team Cat, of course! We at Get Leashed are on #TeamFamily!

pugandcat2Credit: Instagram / @pugandcat

Because that’s what we love most about pets – they bring the family a little closer together. Plus, they’re such darn cute adventure buddies! For more photos, follow them on Instagram @pugandcat!