15 Times Dogs Stole the Spotlight at Weddings

Who cares about the bride and groom? The dog’s wearing a bow tie!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Credit: Instagram / @bethanyanddan

The peak of wedding season is coming to an end as we say goodbye to summer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t relive every special moment with our photos! As more and more people on our Newsfeeds get engaged, we can look forward to more and more wedding preparation and wedding photos. It’s always so beautiful; there are the beautiful wedding dresses with intricate detailing or the best fitting suits for our friends’ special days. It gets us thinking – if we had a wedding (or another one), what would it look like?

One thing is for sure. For those of us with dogs, they will DEFINITELY have a part in the wedding. You can fight with your cousin another day, the dog stays. Your pup will be a part of the engagement shoot, the wedding shoot, and definitely the wedding party. Your wedding day wouldn’t be complete without your precious pupper!

Credit: Instagram / @aleka_makeup

No one gets as excited as you walk into the room as your doggy, so he’s going to teach your significant other just how to welcome you with jumping hugs and drooly kisses.

Credit: Instagram / @boxinwhiteargentina

Your dog probably feels just how excited you are for your big day. Your pupper probably can’t take it and does the excited shake all throughout the photo taking!

Credit: Instagram / @engravemymemories

Of course, your dog is probably the one who deserves to announce the wedding because it’s always going to be about your dog – even to the day you guys say “I do!”

It’s fine to let your pupper steal the spotlight!

Credit: Instagram / @jenito1000

You and your partner may decide to start your life journey together as a married couple the day of your wedding, but your doggy probably already decided that from the day you guys met!

Credit: Instagram / @loveabulllisa

Weddings and marriages are all about the declaration of love. When you have this much love in your family, you have to show ALL of it! And it’s not just about combining two lives; this union joins two dogs’ lives as well!

Credit: Instagram / @makeynyhallweddings

You and your partner probably worked hard to look your best, but it’s hard to compete with your naturally gorgeous pet. She probably knows her best angles already!

Credit: Instagram / @marygarret16

The most important rule of your wedding day is that all first kisses go to your pupper! He was there first and he deserves it!

Your dog will be 100% genuinely happy at your wedding and it will be the best day ever!

Credit: Instagram / @milothegoldiepoo

“Hugs for me and kisses for her! This is the best celebration day for me ever!” – Probably Milo

TBH your doggy probably thinks the party is for him.

Credit: Instagram / @shopsillybuddy

“You see these feet? Yup! These are family feet now!”

This doggy is probably excited because he thinks he’s going on the fanciest walkie ever.

Credit: Instagram / @somethingbluenj

“You’ll always love me more…right?”

Best friend pep talks are a tradition at weddings. In these talks, you and your best friend declare your undying love to each other before you take you do it with your partner.

Credit: Instagram / @thebernardbrothers

These dogs took their paw-rents’ first walk as man and woman as first jog as man and woman.

“We’re a ‘legal’ family now?? Whatever that means, we gotta run and tell the world!!”

Weddings are for sharing and celebrating love and your dog being there is the icing on the ridiculously expensive wedding cake.

Credit: Instagram / @tootuff_tuko

“I’m so happy my paw-rents invited you all here to share my special day!!”

The little dog suits are a 100% the best part of weddings.

Credit: Instagram / @vob.boris

On one of the most important days of your life, you can rely on your furry friend to be there for you. Weddings are emotional and your dog just gets you!

Credit: Instagram / @marisdeech

“My paw-rents are holding me down for this photo, but I’m just so excited my ears disappeared!!”

We all want to jump around too!

Credit: Instagram / @wilson_brown

The best part of dressing up your dog is that you can match his bow tie with anything you’d like – including your wife’s hair! #GlowUp #LoveisLove

Beautiful day made more beautiful with pets!